‘Cheap Fake’: The Media’s Term for Any Video of Biden Acting Senile

According to the journalists who very much want to see Biden re-elected, any video of our 81-year-old President shambling around, getting confused, or just generally acting senile is automatically disinformation. Ever since Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre used the term “cheap fakes” to imply that a few recent videos of Biden acting senile were somehow fake (they weren’t), the corporate media have been obediently chanting that term at anyone who dares question their favorite candidate’s mental fitness.

First, let’s just set the record straight: the two videos in question are not fake, nor are they deceptively edited. In fact, they’re barely edited at all. The only valid criticism one can mount of these videos is that they lack some context.

Alas, it’s an election year, and that means the corporate media have to burn their flagging credibility on the altar of the Democrats’ re-election campaign. They’re desperate for people not to believe these videos:

One of the videos in question shows Biden seemingly wandering off during the G7 summit while walking with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. The video appears to have been shot vertically on a smartphone, which makes it hard to tell that he was actually walking over to talk to a paratrooper just off-screen. At least, that’s what the White House claims.

But to claim that this supposed lack of context renders the entire video “fake” is insanely dishonest. It’s not like it was doctored or AI-generated. The vertical framing of the video may exclude some context, but it doesn’t change the fact that the President got distracted and wandered over to talk to somebody while he was supposed to be speaking with Meloni.

Let’s put the videos aside for a moment and look at the bigger picture. Does anyone actually believe that doctored videos are the reason the majority of Americans are concerned about Joe Biden’s mental fitness? Even if these videos were fake (they aren’t), that wouldn’t magically change Biden’s absurd record of senior moments over the last three years.

Furthermore, it’s brutally ironic to see members of the disgraced fourth estate complaining about videos of a presidential candidate lacking context. Just three months ago, when Donald Trump claimed that another four years of Biden in the White House would result in a “bloodbath” for the automotive industry, these same hacks spent a full week lying that he was threatening violence:

As for deceptive editing, recall that back in 2012, NBC deliberately edited audio of George Zimmerman speaking to an emergency operator, in order to give the false impression that he’d dialed 9-1-1 because he saw a black teenager walking around: “He’s up to no good… he looks black.”

It’s time for the DNC-controlled media to quit pretending to be so concerned about the truth. Their only concern is their guy’s tanking poll numbers.

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