Exclusive LEAK from inside Target HQ. Here’s how employees reacted to last year’s boycott

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2023 saw several boycotts, but Bud Light and Target were by far the pack leaders when it came to the companies that made the horrible financial decision to go woke.

For those who need a refresher, last year, Target included tuck-friendly swimsuits and chest-binding garments (some of them marketed toward children), among other controversial items, in its Pride Month collection. A boycott quickly ensued, resulting in the company losing “$10 billion in market valuation in ten days.”

Now, a year later, Glenn Beck discloses insider information shared by an anonymous Target corporate employee — including leaked internal messages between the members of Target’s “Pride + Business Council.”

“Last year, our team was given exclusive access to internal messages that took place on Target’s Slack channel for their ‘Pride + Business Council,”’ he says.

Here are some of the messages exchanged between corporate employees following a town hall meeting framed around reducing some of the company’s more controversial merchandise:

  • “It feels like LT wants to keep support on the downlow. Like, they want to be able to point to it if people…make a fuss but don’t want to advertise it for people who might disagree.”
  • “See? We need to cater to the bigots better to get our sales up.”
  • “That was the most gaslight-y, dystopian thing I’ve witnessed in a while.”
  • “We need to protect ourselves. There are consequences for hateful statements and displays.”
  • “I’m still in shock and disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “I’m sure a lot of people are examining whether they even want to continue being a team member after this.”
  • “Kinda hard to get back to work after that one.”

“While we were saying Target went too far, the employees were upset that they hadn’t gone far enough,” Glenn translates, adding “We don’t know what they said at the leadership of Target,” but “surely it had to be sexist, racist tirades that started this chaos.”

However, there were also employees on the other side of the spectrum. Here are some of their messages:

  • “I am a Christian, and don’t support violence against guests/TMs. I also don’t hate people who view differently than myself, however, for some to say my Biblical views are disgusting is certainly not inclusive.”
  • “The people in the chat need to take a look at past years pride assortment and compare it to this years assortment. The backlash this year has been specific to gender + children. To imply that leadership is now bowing down to ‘bigots’ is highly offensive!”
  • “Because not all people agree that giving hormones to kids (which only provides long term health issues) is a good thing. So inclusivity means ignoring the 95% of population to make sure the 5% are able to keep grooming kids?”
  • “Read about some of the stories of young girls who had a mastectomy at 13 & now in their 20’s have horrible health issues from the hormones they have taken. I don’t care what an adult does, but kids should be left alone.”
  • “Our leadership team has difficult decisions to make. They answer to something called ‘shareholders.’ To accuse them of bowing down 1 month out of 12 is unfair. We are also responsible for thousands of team members jobs. Please don’t attack your leadership or your fellow team members when you don’t know their heart. We are a business and this is capitalism.”

These comments, in addition to others, resulted in Target leadership sending out a company-wide letter condemning the messages and reiterating that the company “does not tolerate discrimination or hate speech of any kind.”

But the Pride + Business Council wasn’t satisfied and sent the leadership team a list of demands, including “acknowledgment of harm, a sincere apology, and a clear statement of unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.”

The department’s memo also included the following statement: “We have always regarded Target as an inclusive and progressive company. However, these recent events have called into question the company’s commitment to these values.”

Further, it stated that “the removal of some of the Pride collection was disappointing and distressing, so for the company to atone, they needed Target to acknowledge in writing the harm done to the LGBTQ+ community (explicitly the trans and non-binary members of the community), forge partnerships with prominent LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, immediately reinstate the Pride collection in full … donate to LGBTQ+ causes, implement sensitivity training for employees, and cease all contributions to politicians and organizations that do not support the LGBTQ+ community,” reads Glenn, adding that “this is so crazy.”

Bottom line: Target, even at the pinnacle of its Pride collection (don’t forget the company also partnered with a trans satanic artist), wasn’t woke enough for many of its employees.

To get the full story, watch the clip below.

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