Former Major Fundraiser for Obama Deserts Democrats and is Now Backing Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Allison Huynh is a former fundraiser for Obama who brought millions of dollars to his campaign and the Democrat party. Now those days are over.

Huynh is not only supporting Trump, she is selling off her prized collection of Democrat party artifacts including the original Obama ‘HOPE’ poster.

Her story is similar to Jacob Helberg, the Silicon Valley executive who used to give major financial support to Democrats but is now backing Trump.

FOX News reports:

Former Obama fundraiser disenchanted with Dems flips to Trump: Biden ‘asleep at the wheel’

An ex-Obama fundraiser who once raked in millions of dollars for the Democratic Party is none too happy with the direction of the country these days, telling Fox News she is so dismayed, she’s switching her vote to Trump.

“Biden has been asleep at the wheel,” Allison Huynh said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends First.”

“He’s allowed Big Tech as well as the looters to take over Silicon Valley. San Francisco has been the science experiment that’s gone awry. I wake up in the morning, there’s no grocery stores to go to, there’s no malls to take my teenage girls shopping to. The streets are not safe, there are more fentanyl users and dealers than high school students in our once great city,” she continued.

Huynh, along with her then-husband Google programmer Scott Hassan, helped raise millions of dollars for the Obama campaign in 2008, according to The New York Post…

She now describes herself as an independent who plans to vote for former President Trump this November. She even recently traveled to Mar-a-Lago to show support for Trump at a fundraiser.

Watch the video below:

The tide is turning. People who would have been afraid to publicly support Trump just a few years ago have finally had enough of the left.

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