Japanese banking giant Norinchukin PULLS PLUG on global financial system with $63 billion Treasuries, European bonds LIQUIDATION

Japanese banking giant Norinchukin PULLS PLUG on global financial system with $63 billion Treasuries, European bonds LIQUIDATION

As many predicted, the next phase of the global financial collapse currently in motion is striking Japan as banking giant Norinchukin, best known as Japan’s “CLO whale,” liquidates $63 billion worth of U.S. Treasuries and European bonds to address the massive unrealized losses on its balance sheet.

Many people missed it, but last fall Norinchukin was quietly added to the private Federal Reserve banking cartel’s Standing Repo Facility, which Zero Hedge appropriately and simply describes as “the Fed’s foreign bank bailout slush fund,” effective Dec. 1, 2023.

Japan’s fifth largest bank with $840 billion in assets, Norinchukin will reportedly sell more than 10 trillion yen’s worth of its holdings of both U.S. and European government bonds during the year ending March 2025 “as it aims to stem its losses from bets on low-yield foreign bonds, a main cause of its deteriorating balance sheet, and lower the risks associated with holding foreign government bonds,” to quote Nikkei.

Just like what is happening right now here in the United States, Japanese banks in general are sitting on mountains of unrealized losses that eventually have to be settled. The powers that be (TPTB) are pulling out all the stops, including many of their usual financial rigging shenanigans, to try to save themselves, but unlike 2008 it appears as though there are no options left to kick the can any further down the road than it already is.

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U.S. banks sitting on more than half a TRILLION dollars in unrealized losses

Since the world’s financial system is global and interconnected, what hits Japan also hits the U.S., and vice versa. In fact, all Western nations allied on the opposing side of BRICS face epic financial meltdowns once the falling house of cards really gets going.

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According to the latest figures, U.S. banks are currently sitting on more than half a trillion dollars in unrealized losses as a result of the Fed’s interest rate increases over the past several years. Those increases were necessary, we are told, to fight inflation, but as they hike up the ladder the banks on the other side of the bad trade are failing one by one.

The Fed is printing its worthless Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) as quickly as possible to try to plug the hole of the sinking ship, jacking up the tab of the U.S. taxpayer along the way, but it appears as though the Western financial oligopoly has run out of schemes to save itself from an inevitable implosion.

While interest rates in Japan have barely budged all this time, the Fed’s efforts to sweep the overflowing sewer of unrealized losses under the proverbial rug, Japan’s financial system is already feeling massive shockwaves that threaten to topple its financial house of cards.

Western finance is a lot like those circus clowns that spin a bunch of plates on sticks, dancing around and creating a spectacle while trying not to drop any of them. The minute one falls or strikes another, they all end up falling, followed by a womp, womp – though there will be no laughter or goofing around when all these financial plates fall.

“Maybe Japan now and the U.S. later,” speculated one internet commenter. “We’re all headed off the cliff.”

“The obvious evolution of ALL fractional reserve banking was going to be the destruction of all currencies,” wrote another.

“History has proven this over and over and over. This allows the USSA and the Petro$ to live another day, but the die has been cast. The worldwide debt Ponzi scheme is imploding. There will be no lifeboats for anyone.”

They said not even God could sink the Titanic – then look what happened. Learn more at Collapse.news.

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