N-word girl Lilly Gaddis FIRED after going viral — but is she a fed?

Lilly Gaddis has taken the internet by storm. The viral sensation blew up overnight for saying the N-word in a TikTok video — and has become the center of a hot debate.

In her video, Gaddis was making the point that while many women are accused of being “gold diggers,” most women she knows are married to “broke-a** n****s.”

Once the video went viral, Gaddis claims she was fired.

“You got fired from your job, can you elaborate what happened?” Alex Stein asks.

“I did,” Gaddis tells Stein. “It’s not good enough for them to be like, ‘Oh, this is an annoying video,’ scroll. No, they have to try to destroy your life. They’ve got to go to your employer, who is, by the way, a black woman.”

“She kind of had my back, but the rest of the board, you know, they kind of voted, they were like, ‘Get this girl out of here,’” Gaddis explains.

While conservatives have largely rallied in support of Gaddis, some accounts on X have accused her of being a federal agent or a “Jewish spy.”

They’ve also taken issue with her admission to micro-dosing on mushrooms at a conservative event over the weekend.

“I’m going to get some hate for this, but I mean, you know, tripping out with a bunch of ‘groypers’ that are calling you a Jewish spy probably would kill the buzz a little bit, right?” Stein asks Gaddis.

“Yeah, exactly. I mean, it’s not very CIA agent of me to go micro-dose,” Gaddis says.

“But that’s what a CIA agent would do to throw you off,” Stein fires back.

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