The Morning Briefing: ‘Glitch’ Biden Unveils His Illegal Alien Dem Voter Registration Plan

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(Note: The Sine Qua Non Sequitur will be taking the week off in recognition of International Panic Day (18), the Summer Solstice (20), and Kruisersis’s birthday (22). It will return next week tanned, rested, and ready. We hope.)


OK, the Democrats are calling it something else, but we know what’s going on here. More on that in a bit. 

Before we get into the main topic I would just like to go on record regarding my disdain for federal holidays. One might attribute that to the fact that I am self-employed and never get them off. There might a bit of that — heavy on the “might” — but it really is about my longtime and well-chronicled disdain for all things having to do with the federal bureaucracy. 

It’s not that I mind them having the day off. The less they’re at work, the less damage they can do. If they want the day off, however, the beleaguered American taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill. A few unpaid days off a year aren’t going to break the people who are getting fat and happy off of the coerced largesse of working Americans. 

I do hope that all of the private sector workers who get the federal holidays off enjoy them though. 

Back to the Amnesty Prideteenth festivities in Leftistland. 

There were a few stories about Joe Biden’s border nightmare yesterday, which made me think of the classic “Airplane” line: “Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.” For the record, I’ve never sniffed glue, but let’s touch base in January if Biden is still in office and see where we are with that. 

It all starts with the braindead puppet in the Oval Office using executive power to check off something that has been and the top of the Democrats’ wish list for a very long time. Matt covered that


You knew it was coming eventually, and Joe Biden has lived up to expectations. Under the guise of “keeping families together,” he announced a new set of executive actions that will effectively grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the United States.

The Dems are selling this as something that Biden just had to do because the mean Republicans in Congress wouldn’t participate in a bipartisan sham. As we all know, “bipartisan” means, “only good for the Democrats.” Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Republicans have been historically weak on border issues too, they’re just not the kind of weak that the Dems want them to be in this situation. 

Biden and Company always pitch amnesty as something that is wildly popular with most Americans. Rick writes that legal Hispanic voters aren’t on board with Biden’s nonsense. In fact, polling indicates that a majority of them favor mass deportation. 

So, the opposite of amnesty. 

This is from another post that Rick wrote yesterday: 

The “non-detained docket” is part of the Biden administration’s “alternatives to detention” program that is supposed to track migrants caught at the border and released. The illegal aliens in ICE’s non-detained docket are supposedly supplied with case management support to keep track of them. But the docket has swelled to 7.4 million under Biden and with only 6,000 deportation officers now responsible for 7,000 illegal aliens each, making sure the illegals make their court dates or stay out of trouble is impossible.

In addition to the 7.4 million illegals in the alternatives to detention program, there are 1.9 million gotaways that these deportation officers are also responsible for.


The docket is, of course, another gateway drug to amnesty. The Dems’ gameplan on the border has always been a variation on this theme: let a lot of people into the country illegally, complain about the Republicans and a lack of resources, everyone throws their hands into the air and begins singing the amnesty hallelujah chorus. 

We know that none of this has anything to do with compassion; it’s all about minting new Democratic voters. That’s even more important now that the Dems are losing support in traditional voting blocs that they’ve never had to do anything but pander to keep around. 

The Dem hierarchy no doubt hopes that Biden can use some executive action trickery to shore up some of that fading support. It’s not going to work. 

Compounding the nation’s border misery is the fact that the man who is using the power of his office to exacerbate it can’t function mentally even for short periods. During the press opportunity to blow his amnesty horn, Biden had some sort of Max Headroom glitch that was really uncomfortable. My RedState colleague Bonchie summed it up like this: 

In the clip, Biden appears to forget the name of his secretary of Homeland Security. In doing so, his brain turns to pudding for several seconds before he mumbles something about not introducing him. As Biden’s brain breakages go, that’s probably one of the worst yet. 

Check out the video in Bonchie’s post. Biden’s last brain cell exits the building in a hurry. Either that, or the Republicans must be exhausted from creating all of these expertly produced “cheap fakes.” 


A president whose head is empty storage space and being run by a commie cabal, armed with the power of executive action. 

Forget January, where’s that glue?

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