Democratic staffer celebrates having his federal student loans forgiven, earning wave of backlash on X

Ben Kamens — who, according to his LinkedIn profile, works as communications director for the office of Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio — earned a tsunami of backlash for celebrating the cancellation of his student debt and thanking President Joe Biden.

“Just got a call to let me know my student debt has been canceled. This is why elections matter. Thanks @JoeBiden,” Kamens tweeted.

‘This reflects so poorly on the Dems.’

His post included a photo of a document that reads, “Congratulations! The Biden-Harris Administration has forgiven your federal student loan(s) listed below with Nelnet in full.”

The document listed two loans, including one with an “Original Principle Balance” of $2,750 and another that had an original principle of $5,500.

“My job was paying it down for me ahead of schedule, but I’m happy to let the government cancel it instead of paying it off $400 a month and letting interest accrue,” Kamens wrote in another tweet.

Actor Dean Cain told Kamens he should thank taxpayers instead of Biden: “You’re thanking @JoeBiden ??? Is HE the one who paid off the loan you VOLUNTARILY took? You should be thanking the American taxpayer — especially those didn’t or couldn’t afford to go to college.”

“What a tool! Does this deadbeat know the loan he signed for was paid by truck drivers, carpenters, plumbers, mechanics & chumps like me who worked 40 hrs a week to pay for my college? He thanks Biden but Joe didn’t use HIS money-he used $ of working ppl,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee wrote.

Greg Gutfeld tweeted, “You’re welcome. Freeloader.”

“Glorified welfare,” Dana Loesch wrote.

“Joe Biden is robbing from hardworking plumbers, electricians, and mechanics to pay off the student loans from congressional staffers ahead of schedule. This reflects so poorly on the Dems,” Steve Guest declared.

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