Los Angeles Opens Homeless Shelter That’s Nicer Than Some Houses

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The city of Los Angeles has a homeless problem.

Okay, a lot of California’s big cities do (given who runs it), but what did Los Angeles do about it? Shuffle them off like they did for Xi Jinping when he visited San Francisco? Let churches and private entities do something about it?


Nope, they built a fancy high-rise apartment block, just for homeless people, right in the middle of downtown.

And believe me, it’s nicer than some people’s houses, boasting 228 studio apartments and 47 one-bedroom apartments, a gym, an art room, a library, and a music room.

All for the low, low cost of $600,000 per room to build on the taxpayers’ dime!

As Fox 11 LA described, this is part of the 2016 Proposition HHH passed by voters to allocate $1.2 billion in bonds toward building homeless shelters.

And this is only opening just now?

Oh yeah, and there are going to be two more at some point, but given how it’s been almost a decade to build the first one, don’t hold your breath for the others.

People on X have rightly made fun of this genius plan to make being homeless preferable to actually earning a living in L.A., with many pointing out that it will either A) be used to shelter illegal immigrants instead of the regular homeless, or B) be utterly trashed in a very short amount of time.


Why not both?

This guy pointed out that this is already unsustainable:

After all, that same article above noted that the number of homeless increased to over 75,000 people, while the city only grew its population by 46,000. That’s a pretty big difference in numbers if you ask me.

It’s funny to think that just a few weeks ago, San Francisco, L.A.’s fabulous northern neighbor, somehow thought that supplying the homeless with hooch on the taxpayers’ dime was somehow a good idea, because apparently it was supposed to curb alcoholism among them.


But as my friend Catherine Salgado said about that system, this fancy new homeless shelter isn’t actually meant to solve the problem. It just perpetuates it and wastes taxpayer dollars so it looks like they are doing something.

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I’m all for helping the disadvantaged and poorest among us, but when you enable their behavior by giving them free booze and luxury apartments, what does that tell you, the taxpayer who is sane, healthy, not a junkie, and works for a living?

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