THREE YEARS LATER: Biden’s Multi-Billion Dollar Plan to Connect Rural Americans to High Speed Internet Has Connected ZERO People


In 2021, the Biden administration hyped a multi-billion dollar plan to connect rural Americans to high speed internet.

Three years later, ZERO Americans have benefited from this plan.

This could have actually been a popular issue for Biden but his administration completely dropped the ball by miring the program in red tape and regulations.

The FOX Business Network reports:

FCC commissioner hits Biden admin for $42 billion in unspent high speed internet funds

The senior Republican on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is blaming the Biden administration for a lack of high-speed internet projects that were approved under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, comparing the situation to the dearth of electric vehicle charging stations that were also supposed to be built with the funds.

“In 2021, the Biden Administration got $42.45 billion from Congress to deploy high-speed Internet to millions of Americans,” GOP-appointed Commissioner Brendan Carr wrote on X last week. “Years later, it has not connected even 1 person with those funds. In fact, it now says that no construction projects will even start until 2025 at earliest.”

Commenters on social media noted that the funds were allocated to the states, arguing the Biden administration is not responsible for any delays. But Carr says it is the Biden administration that is holding up progress.

“There’s no question that the 2021 law put some process in place, but the Biden administration decided to layer on top of that a Byzantine additional set of hoops that states have to go through before the administration will approve them to actually get these funds and start completing the builds,” Carr told FOX Business in an interview.

What have they been doing this whole time?

This will be part of Biden’s failed legacy.

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