Women’s Support for Democrats His a 20-Year Low with Biden

There is a growing exodus from traditionally left-leaning demographics away from Joe Biden toward Donald Trump. In fact, a new analysis shows that Trump is rapidly closing Biden’s slim lead among women voters, with women’s support for Biden the lowest for a Democrat in two decades.


As inflation continues to spike and the cost of living becomes ever more unaffordable, many women, including black and Hispanic women, are remembering that they were doing much better under Trump than they are under Sleepy Joe Biden. New data from The New York Times and Siena College polls shows Biden, who led Trump by 13 points in the 2020 election, with only a four-point lead among women voters.

Democrat pollster Celinda Dion claimed, “Once the campaign kicks into high gear, abortion will rally the women.” But, so far, the NYT analysis showed inflation as the main issue, particularly for black and Hispanic women. “Women are not single-issue thinkers,” declared GOP pollster and former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. “Joe Biden and the Democrats seem to only talk to women from the waist down, since abortion is the only issue Joe Biden has an edge on in the polls.” Interestingly, black and Hispanic women are less likely to care about abortion than (young) white women. Again, if there is a single issue on which women intend to vote, evidence points to that being inflation rather than abortion, as even NYT confessed. 


Inflation voters are more likely to be Black or Hispanic than women overall. They are more likely to be middle-aged. In Michigan, nearly 60 percent of Black women say inflation is the most important issue to their vote. A similar share of Hispanic women in Arizona say the same. For these women, inflation blows all other issues out of the water.

That’s in line with what voters overall consider the most important issue (inflation). The Times further admitted:

This trend of Democratic success with women is relatively modern. In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan and then George H.W. Bush won majorities of both men and women. But in the last 20 years, it has been rare for a Democrat to fall below a double-digit lead with women. The last Democrat to end a campaign with a single-digit lead among women was John Kerry in 2004.

And Kerry, of course, lost the election. 

Biden’s lead has seen a particularly drastic drop among black women. Ahead of the 2020 election, Biden had an 86-point lead over Trump among black women, but that has fallen to 58 points, almost a 30-point drop. Biden’s lead among Hispanic women is now only 12 points. It would seem Bidenomics is indeed shooting Biden’s campaign in the foot.


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While Biden is certainly more unpopular with men — particularly young men and men without college degrees — than he is among women, the New York Times noted, he is still reaching lows of popularity a Democrat hasn’t achieved since 2004 when Kerry was the losing nominee. That’s a promising sign for November.

Biden is very obviously a bumbling, neurologically impaired, embarrassing, unpatriotic old fool. Add to that the havoc his administration’s policies are wreaking on America’s economy and security, and it is no wonder that struggling American citizens are turning toward Trump, including women.

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