Amazon Prime’s most successful show has always been woke, but now, it’s insufferably woke

If you’ve ever watched “The Boys” on Amazon Prime, then you know the superheroes who make up the main cast are more like super-zeroes. They’re exceedingly violent, greedy, and power-hungry, which of course is the point, as the series is designed to satirically flip the superhero archetype on its head.

Such a unique concept has resulted in the development of quite a significant fan base.

“Since its debut, [‘The Boys’ has] consistently been one of the streaming platform’s highest rated and best-performing shows,” says Lauren Chen, BlazeTV’s resident film critic.

However, now that the fourth season has dropped, the show’s popularity is waning dramatically.

Could it be because the series is drowning in wokeness?

“I have been 100% aware from the get-go that obviously the people behind ‘The Boys’ are leftists,” but it was “still worth watching,” says Lauren. “Until now, that is.”


“It’s always been woke, but in my opinion, previously, the wokeness was at least tolerable,” she says, adding that the complexity of the characters, the acting, and the strong dialogue made the show worth watching.

Further, “what made the show watchable, despite its wokeness, was that in previous seasons, the writers clearly weren’t afraid of taking shots at their own side,” Lauren explains.

However, that all ended with the debut of season 4, which hasn’t even dropped all its episodes yet.

Take a look at the face of the series — Homelander, played by Anthony Starr. Once a complex character who was power-hungry and corrupt yet insecure and traumatized has been simplified in the fourth season into nothing more than “a parody of superhero, fascist Donald Trump.”

Additionally, “[Homelander’s] followers, his supporters or ‘home teamers’” (perhaps a play on Trumpers?) “are also just evil, racist, fascist, sexist, conspiracy theorists.”

“Seriously, the first three episodes of season 4 … [paint] Homelander’s supporters — these ‘home teamers’ — as these Alex Jones-watching, Jew-hating, literal loser conspiracy theorists who are just waiting for any reason to attack or get violent with their fellow Americans,” sighs Lauren.

Then “Starlight, who used to be an actual character with personality, has now just become a stand-in puppet for, I guess, the Democrats or feminists, who is just like, ‘I’m pro-good things; I hate the bad guy,’” she mocks.

Similarly, her followers — “starlighters” — represent “the good guys” because they’re anti-racism and anti-corporate corruption, but pro-feminism.

In scenes when the home teamers are pitted against the starlighters, the starlighters are painted as non-violent “angels,” whereas Homelander’s supporters are portrayed as “violent” and “evil.”

The message is crystal clear. Red=bad, blue=good.

If you don’t believe Lauren, then just look at the IMDB audience scores.

In season one, the audience gave the show a score of 90%, season two scored 83%, season three fell to 75%, and now season four is sitting at an abysmal 52%.

Perhaps people are getting sick of progressive agendas being shoved down their throats when all they want is just some good, old-fashioned entertainment.

To hear more of Lauren’s analysis, watch the clip above.

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