Maine poised to build ‘affordable’ LGBTQ+ senior housing complex, but HOW is this legal?

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A Portland-based group is working with state-run organizations and funds to build “affordable” housing for low-income LGBTQ+ seniors in Maine.

But wait, isn’t that discrimination based on sexual orientation and thus illegal?

According to the executive director of the Equality Community Center and one of the people overseeing the project, Chris O’Connor, technically, “the center will be open to the entire community.”

However, listen to the developers talk about the project, and it’s clear that all marketing is framed around the LGBTQ+ community.

Ed Gardener, one of the founders of the ECC and the person who donated the land where the complex will exist, said, “I wanted to be able to give back to that community that helped me grow and thrive here in Portland.”

“We’re at Pride festivals all across southern Maine this month promoting specifically that this housing project is going to happen,” O’Connor said.

Even the complex’s interest form targets the LGBTQ+ community.

Pat Gray is disgusted (but not surprised) that “the government is involved in this discrimination.”

“How is that legal?” he asks. “You’re building a government-funded complex for members of the gay community only.”

The verdict: “We can discriminate based on sexuality, but it just has to be against the majority’s sexuality.”

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