SNAFU – U.S. gives up on failed $230 million Gaza humanitarian aid pier – disassembly to begin as early as July

SNAFU – U.S. gives up on failed $230 million Gaza humanitarian aid pier – disassembly to begin as early as July

More government waste is making headlines after the Biden regime announced that it is giving up on the $230 million Gaza humanitarian aid pier boondoggle in the Middle East.

After operating for just 10 days at a cost of $23 million per day, the Gaza aid pier is being deconstructed in the latest example of federal government tomfoolery, compliments of U.S. taxpayers.

Remember back in March when President Biden rattled off from his teleprompter during his State of the Union (SOTU) address about how important the pier was to alleviating the humanitarian catastrophe imposed by Israel in the Gaza Strip? Well, it seems the pier was not important after all.

“The pier will go down as one of history’s costliest publicity stunts,” reported Zero Hedge.

“The impetus for the pier was mounting political pressure on Biden – particularly from his own party – as Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas invasion killed tens of thousands, displaced more than a million, and caused a territory-wide food and medical-supply crisis.”

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Democrats are tired of Biden’s poor performance

This sudden announcement about the aid pier’s deconstruction in Gaza came just one week after the Michigan primary in which it was revealed that 13 percent of Democrats, amounting to more than 100,000 people, in the state voted “uncommitted” as a way to voice their disapproval of Biden’s presidency.

“Any second lieutenant could have foreseen this train wreck,” tweeted the @LeighWolf X account. “Absolute humiliation for our troops all because Biden wanted a talking point in his reelection campaign.”

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U.S. taxpayers and the country as a whole gets stuck with the bill, but at least Israel is happy, right? The independent media in general could not help but notice that all this insanity surrounding the aid pier is indicative of a much larger problem of political pandering at the behest of the Zionists.

“Unable to persuade its perennial, multi-billion-dollar beneficiary to allow sufficient aid to pass through land crossings, the U.S. government felt compelled to spend $230 million trying to bypass the blockade – a blockade the same U.S. government continued to facilitate via military and financial aid,” Zero Hedge explained about America’s bizarre and abusive relationship with Israel.

As for what happened at the aid pier during the 10 days it operated, we know from media reports that desperate Palestinians ransacked the first aid trucks to arrive before the vehicles could even reach a distribution warehouse managed by the World Food Programme, resulting in the pier having to be shut down for two days.

Then came the bad weather and rough seas, which destroyed portions of the pier and left it unusable, resulting in four associated vessels running aground and crashing, prompting another pause in operations.

All in all, the Gaza aid pier was never really open as intended. And yet the hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars spent on it are gone forever, adding to the national debt and the collapse of the country under the heavy weight of unmitigated corruption and greed.

A U.S. service member was also critically injured while trying to build the pier. He was flown all around for treatment, eventually finding himself in San Antonio where he is said to still be in critical condition.

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