Soros-backed DA will not file charges against college student who lethally stabbed homeless man caught robbing cars

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Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón announced Thursday that he would not be filing charges against a university student who stabbed a homeless man to death after allegedly catching him trying to break into cars.

Police arrested 19-year-old USC student Ivan Gallegos after he admitted to stabbing a homeless man whom he confronted after seeing him breaking into several cars near the campus on Monday. Gallegos said the man had warned him that he had a gun during the fight, but police did not find a weapon at the scene.

‘We believe that Mr. Gallegos’s actions were driven by a genuine fear for his life and the lives of others.’

The controversial Soros-backed DA, who has been lambasted for going easy on crime, said Thursday that Gallegos would not be facing charges over the incident.

“After careful consideration and a thorough review of all available evidence, we have decided not to pursue charges against USC student Ivan Gallegos,” the statement said. “We believe that Mr. Gallegos’s actions were driven by a genuine fear for his life and the lives of others. Our heart goes out to the deceased’s family, friends and everyone impacted by this tragic incident.“

Gallegos was scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday, but he was instead released from jail.

The teenager was walking down the street with two other students when they saw the man, later identified as 27-year-old Xavier Cerf, allegedly breaking into cars. When they confronted him, an altercation ensued and led to Gallegos stabbing the man.

‘We could’ve had three dead USC students in the USC community.’

Gallegos’ friend Rafael Cardenas said that Cerf made a gesture that indicated he had a gun.

“We could’ve had three dead USC students in the USC community, and that would’ve been very unfortunate and tragic,” Cardenas said.

Cerf’s mother spoke to the Los Angeles Times and said that her son had been dealing with mental illness but that he was a peaceful person.

“They’re making my son out to be a person that he’s not,” said Yema Jones. “He was very vibrant. He loved to dance. He wasn’t a violent kid coming up.”

The story gained prominence among those who are incensed at crime in Los Angeles and other big cities. Gascón has been excoriated by victims of crime who accuse him of giving license to criminals by refusing to prosecute them fully and keep them off the streets.

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