A Dude in a Dress Walked Into a Spa With a Muslim Employee…

For anyone still needing proof that transgenderism is a mental disorder, here you go: A man who calls himself a woman called a salon in Ontario, Canada, and demanded to have his nether parts waxed. I contend that no man in his right mind would seek, let alone demand, something that I imagine would be incredibly painful. And dumb. YMMV. But I digress. 


The story comes to us from Rebel News, which reported: 

The claimant, identified only as AB, filed the complaint at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario after she spoke to [spa owner] Jason Carruthers over the phone in 2018. Carruthers explained to AB that that the female employee working that day was Muslim and refrains from physical contact with males beyond her family.

The decision against Carruthers claims that he had misgendered AB.

The small business owner told Rebel that the complainant changed her story by denying that she had ever asked for a Brazilian wax service and instead only wanted a leg waxing. Carruthers says that his business has always provided leg waxing services to trans clients, but that this was never part of her request.

Carruthers told AB that he did not have anyone who could provide “male waxing services,” something that Carruthers explained was in reference strictly to male biological genitalia, and not in reference to the claimant’s gender. [Emphasis added]

An aside: Have you noticed how many so-called “conservative” sites have taken a knee in the gender ideology game? It’s amazing how many media outlets (including one whose name rhymes with “box”) are going along with the preferred pronouns these mentally ill individuals demand. When this issue first came up several years ago, I told my writers that we would NOT require them to call a man a woman or abuse the English language by using plural pronouns to describe singular subjects. I have stuck by that and will continue to do so, even though it hasn’t been good for our bottom line. We’ve been slandered and maligned by the haughty “fact”-checkers and our content has been demonetized and throttled. In fact, this article will be demonetized and we’ll lose money simply because we are bringing you the truth. But on the bright side, we don’t have billionaire owners who pull our strings, and we cannot be bought. Full stop. I’d be incredibly grateful if you would chip in a few bucks a month by becoming a VIP member. (Use the promo code BIGTECH for a 50% discount.)


Returning to the subject, spa owner Jason Carruthers was fined $35,000 (Canadian) plus interest after losing a six-year battle with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, which fined him for saying that he didn’t have an employee available to provide “male waxing services.” [Another aside: You can bet that any country boasting “tribunals” is a Marxist, globalist rat’s nest.]

Canadian authorities really freaked out when Carruthers mentioned a “male Brazilian waxing” to a media outlet.

“They’re saying that I discriminated against the person, but they’re also saying that I reprised when I spoke to the media,” Carruthers told Rebel News. “So those two things are factored into the amount” of the fine. 

There is disagreement about whether the complainant, called “A.B.,” asked to have his privates waxed or just wanted a leg job. (Either way, I’m being harmed and traumatized because we have to talk about this stuff—where’s my tribunal?)

“As far as I understand, the tribunal has the power to seize assets or take my income or garnish my income, so I have to look at every option to protect myself financially and legally,” Carruthers said. 

The dude who wanted his private parts waxed claimed he was traumatized by the encounter with the spa owner and, according to Carruthers, threatened a “media circus” and harassed him on social media. 


Carruthers’ attorney, Raymond Colautti, told the CBC that the ruling was “deeply flawed” and vowed to pursue further appeals on his client’s behalf. In an application for judicial review, he noted that there was no evidence that A.B. was harmed and that the damages “significantly” exceed the “damages awarded in more serious cases.” 

“The application states it was A.B. who raised the issue of genitalia on the phone call and any further comments on her genitalia from Carruthers were ‘influenced’ by that,” the CBC reported. 

If you think this craziness will stay in Canada, that’s adorable. While at publishing time, we still have a right to free speech in the U.S., we could end up being exactly like the leftist Canadians if a few more election cycles don’t go our way. Your best bet is to avoid big cities like the plague, arm yourself, and begin planning for a time when you won’t be allowed to work because you refuse to call a man a woman. 

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