Joe Biden Using Taxpayer Money to Put Up Biden-Harris Yard Signs


Joe Biden is so desperate to drum up enthusiasm for his reelection campaign that he is using taxpayer money to put up Biden-Harris yard signs.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz said Biden’s use of taxpayer money for the signs violates the Hatch Act.

“These displays are nothing more than campaign yard signs courtesy of the American taxpayer,” Cruz wrote to Hampton Dellinger, head of the Office of Special Counsel.

Excerpt from Politico:

Sen. Ted Cruz is asking a federal watchdog to investigate whether the Biden administration is violating the Hatch Act by using taxpayer dollars to tout its 2021 infrastructure law — a move that comes amid evidence that most voters are unaware of one of the president’s biggest legislative achievements.

The Texas Republican argues that the administration has “highly politicized” the law, including by encouraging projects funded by the statute to post signs giving credit to President Joe Biden, according to a letter from Cruz provided to POLITICO. He pointed to guidelines posted by the White House specifying that the signs say in large letters: “Project Funded By President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

“I write to refer this to you for investigation as a possible violation of the Hatch Act, federal law that broadly prohibits using taxpayer dollars for campaign activity,” Cruz wrote on Thursday to Hampton Dellinger, head of the Office of Special Counsel. “Congress, not President Biden, wrote [the infrastructure law], and it did not do so to aid the President’s reelection campaign.”

“The Biden White House has unilaterally rebranded the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act as the “President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill” — literally, that’s what they’re calling it — and is mandating that all projects using taxpayer funds put up signs touting Biden’s role,” Charlie Kirk said.

“Biden even hired the same firm behind his campaign logo and had them design the signs to look like they’re from his campaign,” Charlie Kirk said.

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