MSNBC Guest Notes Trump’s Explosive Fundraising in Recent Weeks, Suggests Democrats Should be Concerned (VIDEO)


Trump’s fundraising numbers have gone through the roof. He is getting small dollar donations from average folks and massive donations from billionaires.

It is ironic that his fundraising really took off after the sham conviction in the New York trial, but that’s what happened.

Trump has now easily eclipsed the cash advantage that Biden and Democrats used to have.

Politico reports:

Trump raised so much last month he erased Biden’s cash advantage

Former President Donald Trump’s huge May fundraising haul erased President Joe Biden’s longstanding cash advantage as the two gear up for a rematch.

Trump’s campaign had $116.6 million in the bank at the end of May, compared to $91.6 million for Biden.

It wasn’t due to poor fundraising on the incumbent’s part — Biden’s campaign saw a decent fundraising rebound in May after a weak showing the month prior. But Trump’s fundraising while he was on trial in New York that month, punctuated in the final days when he was convicted, was enough to surpass Biden in campaign cash, something that had long been seen as a crucial strength of his.

One guest on MSNBC pointed out that this is probably causing a lot of worry among Democrats and the Biden campaign.

Transcript via RedState:

“If you’re sitting in Biden’s headquarters, you do not like these numbers because what they do show is that Donald Trump is going to have enough money to run this campaign in a very full way. You don’t like that your numbers are so much smaller than his in that month of May, and you are probably redoubling your efforts to raise money, to make sure that does not happen. If you just look at Trump and the RNC, they raised $106 million together in May. You look at Biden and the DNC, that number is $60 million in May. The difference there is basically 76 percent more for Trump and the RNC than Biden and the DNC. That’s not sustainable for the Democrats if that were to continue month after month.”

Watch the video below:

Democrats are going to look back and regret charging Trump in New York and other places. Their efforts have already backfired completely.

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