MSNBC’s Lisa Rubin Tortures Logic to Defend Trump Conviction

I know usually my good friend Stephen Kruiser shares the latest expressions of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but this one was such a war crime against logic I felt the need to share it.


One of MSNBC’s legal analysts, Lisa Rubin, was recently on “Morning Joe” talking about the sentencing of Le Bad Orange Man after he got convicted in New York—in one of the most obvious show trials since Stalin’s purges—for something having to do with Stormy Daniels or stealing 2016 or whatever made-up crime they refuse to tell us.

The conspiracy of Biden’s handlers in the White House in convicting Trump was the point of discussion, where Rubin said the following:

If you look at the messaging both during the trial and thereafter, he is definitely trying to rile up his base with the possibility of some form of term of incarceration. And in terms of how he’s talking, he is continuing to push a narrative that, as I’ve written and others have, is extraordinarily dangerous — tying the current president to the prosecution in Manhattan by somehow alleging that the Biden administration, and specifically the Department of Justice, was pulling Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg’s strings.

As you recall, Matthew Colangelo, a former Biden DOJ official, was part of the prosecution.


Even if you’re willing to believe the trial was impartial, just to play devil’s advocate, surely a top guy in a federal department suddenly jumping down a few rungs to work with a state-level district attorney who ran on prosecuting the president’s political arch-nemesis seems rightfully suspicious.

So how does Rubin address this?

For a variety of reasons, that narrative makes no sense. It is factually false. And it’s also dangerously and perniciously racist because it assumes that DA Alvin Bragg, who is black, could not have executed this prosecution on his own without the supervision of a bunch of white elders.

Yes, really.

You don’t hate the outcome of the Trump trial because it was blatantly rigged against him from the start. No, it’s because the district attorney is black, you racists! Never mind the fact that Rubin makes an awfully suspicious accusation as a white woman (meaning it could very much be interpreted as a projection).

But really, Alvin Bragg could have been white, Latin, Asian, or a Martian, and people would still be rightfully angry at the whole charade.


Still, you really have to hand it to the left with their ability to torture logic, especially when it has to do with Le Bad Orange Man, even if nobody is listening anymore.

And if they cannot torment and defile their thinking to make Trump look like the Devil himself, they just make stuff up and lie by omission.

Of course, Trump Derangement Syndrome consistently requires both.

After all, a little over a week ago, my friend Kruiser pointed out that since nobody was being swayed by Trump’s conviction (in the way Democrats wanted to), they just had to find a new angle—that Republicans are just as bad as him because they don’t care about how many (fake) crimes he was convicted of.

Since that’s not working either, it looks like Rubin just had to revert to form, even at the cost of sounding smart.

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