What the IDF just said about Hamas should ‘TERRIFY everybody’

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As the conflict between Hamas and Israel rages on, a name has begun trending on X: Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF’s head spokesman who’s been “trying to show the world what Gaza is really like.”

Hagari “seemed really solid until last week,” says Glenn Beck.

During an interview, the admiral said, “Whomever thinks it’s possible to destroy Hamas is wrong. Hamas is an idea. Whomever thinks it’s possible to make it disappear is wrong.”

Glenn respectfully disagrees.

What the IDF Just Said About Hamas Should “TERRIFY EVERYBODY”youtu.be

“No, you’re wrong,” he says. “Hamas isn’t just an idea. Ideas grow and grow until they become almost an entity.”

“[Nazi] ideas are not dead, and maybe they never will be, but Nazi Germany is dead,” he says, proving that it may not be possible to eradicate an idea, as ideas are abstract, but it is entirely possible to eradicate the physical institutions that represent them.

Glenn also points out that theft and murder are ideas, too.

“Should we end all policing like they’re starting to here in America because someone’s always going to steal and murder?” he asks rhetorically.

“This, I think, was a huge boost to Hamas’ morale … and poison to the Israeli morale,” he says, going back to Hagari’s statement.

“[His statement] should terrify everybody,” according to Glenn.

“This is about good versus evil … not just for Israel. The West is riddled with supporters of Hamas and their clones. They’re marching in our own streets! Do you think if Hamas is re-energized, it’s going to be good for America?” he asks.

“If Israel fails in this, the world will be darker for it, but it will not stop there. They will come for the rest of us. [Hagari] is wrong.”

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