What’s Going On Here? Andrew Cuomo Defends Trump, Attacks Biden

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Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined “Real Time with Bill Maher” on Friday, sharing the stage with the anti-Trump, ex-Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Considering the line-up, you might have expected it to be a completely one-sided Trump-bashing extravaganza. And it’s true that Andrew Cuomo didn’t mince words, but much of his venom was aimed at Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. And, can you believe it, he even defended former President Donald Trump. 


“[Biden’s] immigration policy was a mistake. How you do it makes all the difference in the world. To just open the borders with no plan, you don’t know where they go, you don’t know who’s going to pay for them. Who did you even help?” Cuomo said.

“The mayor [Eric Adams] could have said no. The governor [Kathy Hochul] could have said no. New York has more of the ideological left. All are welcome. Now we’re finding out, 200 thousand people later, you needed a plan; you needed to know what to do with these people.”

Can you tell me where Cuomo is wrong here? Joe Biden absolutely did open the border without any plan, save to ship them off to red states, but Republican governors promptly responded by shipping them to self-proclaimed sanctuary cities and states that insisted they were welcoming to illegal immigrants. Of course, the illegal immigrant sanctuaries quickly learned they lacked the resources and infrastructure to handle them, and they weren’t all that happy about the crime they brought, either.


But Cuomo was far from done with his criticism of Joe Biden. When asked about how he thought the Biden campaign was doing, Cuomo was, once again, honest.

“I don’t think he’s running an especially good campaign, frankly,” he told Maher. “I think there’s a big question that he has to answer which is about his age, viability, et cetera. I think the only way you answer that is by getting out there and letting people see you. That’s the only way you put it to rest. I don’t think you can hide from that, Bill.”

And if that wasn’t enough, he even blasted the lawfare that’s been waged against Trump in New York.

“That case, the attorney general’s case in New York, frankly, should have never been brought,” Cuomo said. “If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn’t running for president—I’m the former AG in New York—I’m telling you, that case would have never been brought. And that’s what is offensive to people. And it should be because if there is anything left, it’s belief in the justice system.”


Cuomo isn’t saying anything that I suspect most Democrats don’t truly believe deep down. He’s just willing to admit it.

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