Is the Debate a Good Time for Trump to Announce His Safest and Wisest VP Pick?

The odd timing and bizarre circumstances behind holding a presidential debate in June speak a lot to the oddness of the Democrat nominee. The debate revolves around President Biden’s performance since so many members of his own party want him gone. It is his to lose.


Joe wants to give up power the way gun owners want to give up their firearms— as the old bumper sticker put it, “out of my cold dead hands.” Nevertheless, the minority of smart members of his party know Joe can’t win and are trying to ease him out based on this debate. For some reason, these geniuses want either former first lady Michelle Obama or California Governor Gavin Newsom to step in. Both have name recognition and no baggage on the sinking Biden ship of state, but little else to recommend them. 

Those more desperate to hold on to the black vote might even suggest an Obama-Kamala Harris ticket. In that case, Republicans would be smart to argue that Barack Obama and his people are really the power behind the unoccupied throne of doddering Joe. Alas, no political failure, no matter how obvious, is ever attributed to the Obamas, the evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. 

In the debate, Trump will calmly dismantle Biden, contrasting his successful handling of the economy at home and peace abroad with Biden’s failure in both areas. Biden will do what he always does:

1. Make things up out of whole cloth (Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation, the border is closed, the economy is better under his leadership, inflation is down)

2. Harp on abstractions (democracy is at stake)

3. Say how much he loves abortion

4. Falsely claim Trump sacked the Capitol in an insurrection (historical fake talking point)


5. Work the words “convicted felon” in as many times as possible

Trump will remain calm, cool, and collected. At least, that is the plan. But Trump always likes to mix things up. Well, rather than throwing a deadly left hook for a knockout punch that might alienate some voters, why not make news by announcing his vice presidential pick? He will never have a bigger national audience ready to be convinced that it is time to give him a second chance.

With the Republican Convention scheduled for Detroit in July, why not skip the dance of the seven veils and announce that you want Detroit’s favorite son, Dr. Ben Carson, as your second in command? He is not perfect, but he would check more important political boxes than anyone else, despite Trump’s recent hints that he is not on the short list: 

1. In courting the ethnic vote, Republicans would be picking a brilliant black brain surgeon (compare and contrast to Democrats who, at Obama’s urging, checked their box with Kamala Harris, a walking talking ball of confusion).

2. Trump would avoid being accused of reacting to Democrats should they switch nominees.

3. Carson is respected by almost all other ethnic groups—except black radicals who hate him. But they will never vote Republican anyway.

4. Carson solves the biggest worry of all voters. Whoever is VP will be a heartbeat away from a leader who, if elected, would be nearly 80. You want someone people believe is smart enough to step in. 


5. He is not red meat for MAGA voters. For those voters who like Trump’s policies but are scared of his over-the-top New York personality, Carson is Midwest nice. This will assure those worried about the new populist Republican Party. 

6. Carson can calmly debate just about anyone without losing his cool. Trump is his own pit bull. He needs someone who can calmly go on the news shows and lay out the Trump position without the bombast.

7. Carson is a peacemaker. Despite some of Trump’s more over-the-top attacks on Carson in 2016, he and Trump have worked well together ever since.

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8. Carson, even after serving in the Trump administration, has few political enemies in either party. 

Yes, Carson lacks star power. But a vice president is never supposed to outshine his boss. At this point, Trump needs someone who will live up to the traditional physician’s motto: Do no harm.

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