Scott Jennings DROPS CNN Host on Trump and Murdering, Raping Illegal Aliens

CNN can’t get enough of describing Donald Trump as racist and xenophobic. But if you say his proposals are popular? You get interrupted and debated.

On CNN This Morning on Sunday, they played a clip of Trump joking around about how they should create a Migrant League of Fighters (a la WWE or MMA?) because migrants are tough guys. Democrat commentator Maria Cardona spoke for 82 seconds, ripping Trump for his “horrific racist comments and his MAGA base is as “xenophobic as he is.” But when Republican commentator Scott Jennings got his turn, anchor Amara Walker started angrily objecting within six seconds:

SCOTT JENNINGS, CNN SENIOR POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Two-thirds of the American people support Donald Trump’s policy prescriptions for immigration right now, including a majority of Hispanics in the United States.

WALKER: Well, what about his comments? I mean, do you see them as racist and xenophobic comments? I mean, he’s painting migrants as, you know, being vile — they have violent tendencies, right, and, of course, dehumanizing them to –

JENNINGS: Oh is he? Oh is he?

WALKER: — you know, being entertainment for the rest of us.

Then Jennings just let the CNN host have it about all the recent violent murders and rapes from illegal immigrants who haven’t been stopped as they cross the border: 

JENNINGS: Is he painting them as being violent? I mean, would Laken Riley think they were violent? Would Rachel Morin think they were violent? Would Jocelyn Nungaray in Texas think they were violent? How about the girl that was raped in broad daylight in New York City? How about the girl that was kidnapped in Missouri?

Yes, there are violent people in the country. And yes, Donald Trump uses colorful language. But the bottom line is immigration is killing Joe Biden’s campaign right now. This is why he has a low approval rating. This is why Donald Trump is honing in on this. And people are responding to it and people are fed up with it.

And if you want to call two-thirds of the country racist or xenophobic because they’re in a mood right now that they want this fixed, yes, agree. By all means, go on. It’s not going to work.

Cardona then tried to claim those polls are wrong, that most Americans want Biden’s immigration “solution.” 

CNN doesn’t this these women’s deaths are important. Before Jennings spoke on Sunday, a Nexis search showed CNN mentioned Rachel Morin TWICE since she died, on a 24-hour “news” channel. And there were ZERO mentions of Jocelyn Nungaray.

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