Israel moves resources north in preparation for WAR with Hezbollah despite U.S. officials warning conflict could overwhelm Israeli defenses

Israel moves resources north in preparation for WAR with Hezbollah despite U.S. officials warning conflict could overwhelm Israeli defenses

Israel is reportedly planning to move resources from the ongoing offensive in Gaza to the country’s northern borders with Lebanon in preparation for a possible expanded conflict with Hezbollah and an invasion of southern Lebanon.

Officials within the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported that they are capable of fighting off Hezbollah, especially if it can conclude the conflict in southern Gaza quickly. Officials who spoke with media outlets claimed that they can “pull off a ‘blitzkrieg,'” referencing a military strategy pioneered by Nazi Germany meant to break an opponent’s defenses and force their capitulation quickly.

In negotiations with officials from the United States, their American counterparts did not directly warn them against attacking Hezbollah, merely noting that it would be difficult for Tel Aviv to make sure that such an offensive remains a limited campaign. (Related: Hezbollah strikes several Israeli army bases, key defense factory.)

Conflict with Hezbollah could overwhelm Iron Dome and leave Israel undefended from rockets and drones

U.S. officials have voiced serious concerns that a full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah could overwhelm Israel’s northern air defenses, including the renowned Iron Dome system.

The IDF estimates Hezbollah has about 150,000 rockets and missiles and an unknown number of drones. This arsenal also includes thousands of precision-guided munitions that are far more threatening to Israel and could be used to accurately strike targets deep within the country – provided that the Iron Dome fails to protect Israel.

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The officials, echoing Israeli apprehensions, worry that Hezbollah’s extensive arsenal of missiles and drones could overwhelm and penetrate the Iron Dome’s defenses. This concern has intensified as Israel signals preparations for a land and air incursion into Lebanon.

“We assess that at least some Iron Dome batteries will be overwhelmed,” said a senior U.S. administration official. An Israeli official added that this vulnerability would be particularly pronounced if Hezbollah launched a large-scale attack with precision-guided weapons, which the Iron Dome might struggle to counter.

Hezbollah has long been amassing such munitions with the help of its benefactors such as Iran, a point of repeated concern for Israel. (Related: Israel vs. Hezbollah: A new war will consume the entire Middle East.)

A separate U.S. official acknowledged that in the event of a full-blown war, Israel would primarily need additional air defense systems and Iron Dome replenishments, which the US is prepared to provide.

The Iron Dome is a cornerstone of Israel’s defense, with the U.S. investing over $2.9 billion in the program, according to the Congressional Research Service.

The system boasted a 95.6 percent success rate during a rocket salvo from Gaza by Palestinian Islamic Jihad last year. However, if Hezbollah overwhelms Israel’s missile defenses, it would jeopardize Israeli military and civilian lives.

“The fact that we have managed to even hold the front for this long has been a miracle,” said a senior U.S. official, highlighting U.S. efforts to prevent an escalation into full-scale war.

“We’re entering a very dangerous period,” warned another senior administration official, noting that conflict could ignite with little warning.

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