The Morning Briefing: Donald Trump Is the Republican Who Actually Wants to Win

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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Chlytendra preferred to keep her swatches a secret because decency, people. 

Those of us who have been hanging around the Republican Party for a long time are used to the fact that there’s not a lot of fight there. There is this desire to be gentlemanly that allows the Democrats to run roughshod over them election after election.


Enter Donald Trump.

In his previous presidential election battles, Donald Trump has come out swinging in places where he wasn’t supposed to have a chance to fight. He won in 2016 because he campaigned in places that Her Royal Highness GrannyMaojackets decided weren’t worth her attention.

On the last night of the campaign in 2016, Hillary Clinton was steeped in box wine while Donald Trump was speaking in a hoarse voice to voters in Michigan. 

Because he wanted to win the election.

Donald Trump shows up for an election like no Republican since Ronald Reagan. He knows he is on the right side and that it’s best for the country if he wins. Any conservative who is being honest with him or herself knows that’s true.

Trump’s willingness to swing hard in traditionally blue states is what gives him a chance to beat the Democrats’ Magic Mail-In Ballot Machine. A lot of you are going to think I’m crazy when I say this, but there’s only so much fraud they can commit. 

Trust me. 

This is from a VIP post (Subscribe Here)  Matt wrote over the weekend:

Back in April, President Donald J. Trump paid a visit to a Harlem bodega after an appearance in court. Streets were lined with jubilant supporters chanting “Four more years!” and “Trump! Trump! Trump!”  

That impromptu appearance was just the beginning. The Biden campaign clearly knew it had a problem, and promptly dispatched Biden to a Sheetz gas station in Pittsburgh. Instead of proving that Biden could compete with Trump, it showed the enthusiasm Trump can generate in traditionally Democratic areas.

Trump followed up his bodega visit with a visit to a construction site in lower Manhattan later that week before heading to court. Once again, locals showed their fervent support, cheering: “We love Trump!” and “USA! USA!”


Team Biden keeps sending President LOLEightyonemillion to what are essentially daycare safe spaces. Donald Trump is going to places where, according to traditional wisdom, he doesn’t have a chance. It’s the kind of fight we never see from most Republicans.

Trump’s desire to fight where it matters is the reason that people who have delicate feelings about him should just shut the hell up and vote for the guy. He is out there trying to win an election that will save the Republic. I’m not a big existential crisis kind of guy, but we’re almost there, kids. 

The ultimate dream here is that Trump’s focus on winning an election will teach the Republican Party how the game works. 

Yeah, I know.

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