‘This Is Jew-Hatred’: Israel Spox Denounces L.A. Antisemites

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An Israeli government spokesman has labeled violent anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrations in Los Angeles as “absolutely shocking.” Indeed, at least one protester called for genocidal war against Israelis.


The Sunday protest reportedly included activists supporting jihadi “intifada” (i.e., genocidal war), using bear spray, or carrying a “spiked flag” as the violent crowd attacked pro-Israel demonstrators outside a synagogue. Armed police in riot gear finally had to clear the area before the synagogue, and Israel’s spokesman David Mencer called out the deeply hateful and seriously dangerous nature of the antisemitic demonstration in comments to the press.

Mencer deplored “absolutely shocking images of Jews being attacked, [and] violence on the streets of Los Angeles,” in a press briefing, according to Breitbart on June 24. Breitbart explained that the vicious “pro-Palestinian mob blocked the entrance of an Orthodox Jewish synagogue, Adas Torah, in the heart of the predominantly Jewish Pico-Robertson neighborhood, preventing members of the community from attending a meeting about real estate investment in Israel.”

The Israeli government spokesman said emphatically, “And where do they attack? Outside a synagogue… This is Jew-hatred.” He asked, “Even if you are on the Palestinian side, why do you go outside a synagogue where Jews go to pray?” It seems the answer to his question is obvious — this movement isn’t just about attacking Israel but about harming all Jews. Hamas’s Western supporters have imbibed Hamas’s virulent hatred of Jews, just as Mencer said.

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Mencer expressed what seems to be an overly optimistic confidence the American authorities will take “strong and decisive action to protect Jewish communities,” and also offered Israel’s support. California Democrat authorities, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, did not critique the antisemitic violence until Breitbart called them out.


“The way to face down this Jew-hatred is not to hide behind ever higher and higher walls, but it is for Jewish people to wear their identity with pride,” Mencer urged Jews. He added, “We have faced many, many difficult times; we will overcome this one, as we have overcome others in the past.”

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The Times of Israel, meanwhile, quoted Rabbi Hertzel Illulian saying that such violence “Doesn’t belong here. I don’t think the Jewish [sic] would go in front of a mosque or the Christian people would go in front of a mosque to do such a thing, nobody would accept this, but here, when it comes to Jews and Israel everything is kosher, everything is okay.”

Of course, Jews and Christians don’t regularly attack, rape, and murder people of different religious beliefs, whereas Muslims do. Not only are people more afraid of Muslim retaliation, but many leftists and even some conservatives also seem inexplicably invested in hating Jews and praising their enemies. It is horrifying that even in America, Jews now have to fear violence and persecution for their religion.

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