WATCH: Viral resurfaced clip from 2020 may be the wokest thing in existence: ‘Your son’s tumor is caused by racism.’

2020 – the height of the everything is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. mentality – produced some utterly ludicrous ideas, but none so ludicrous as what was pitched by the creators of NBC’s “New Amsterdam,” which thankfully ended in 2023.

Dave Rubin plays what will inevitably go down in history as the wokest moment on television.

Resurfaced Clip from 2020 May Be the Funniest ‘Woke’ TV Ever

In what can only be described as sickeningly melodramatic, a doctor speaks to a worried mother whose son is suffering from some kind of tumor.

“Your son – he feels threatened on a daily basis, like everything he’s earned can just be taken away. He’s disenfranchised, but because his life is seemingly free from all this, because he can’t name it, he’s internalizing it…I think your son’s tumor is caused by racism,” the doctor sighs.

“I can’t imagine why that show was canceled!” laughs Dave, adding that the clip is bizarrely “making the rounds now” despite being filmed four years ago.

PragerU’s Xaviaer DuRousseau equates watching the clip to “cyanide poisoning.”

“I am just so repulsed by that show,” he says. “To make it seem like, oh, because people hurt your feelings, now you have cancer … it’s like can we please be serious? Like that’s more unserious than Fauci trying to tell us about COVID.”

“There’s nothing that sells more in this country than victim bingo.”

To see NBC’s viral segment and have a good laugh, watch the clip above.

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