Dystopian nightmare: Canadian police threaten journalist with jail time over bogus ‘hate crime’

Ezra Levant has many different titles — lawyer, journalist, author, political activist, and founder of Rebel News, “which is a lot like Blaze News in some ways,” says Glenn Beck.

He’s also a target for the authoritarian Canadian government.

Levant and his Rebel News team have been “outspoken” when it comes to Canada’s crusade against free speech (and just freedom in general), and it’s made him an enemy of the state.

“The Canadian government has been after [Levant and his team] for a long time,” says Glenn, adding that Levant is “now having to fight the censorship bill” that Canada passed last year.

“It looks like he may be facing prison time because of ‘hate speech,”’ which we know is just a catchall phrase for anything the government doesn’t want said.

“Toronto, Canada, where I live, is the site of a pro Hamas encampment,” Levant tells Glenn. “There’s screaming, mask-wearing thugs marching through the city every week … besetting synagogues and residential areas. There was a Jewish school that was shot up a few weeks ago. … It’s an anti-Semitic crime wave.”

However, when Rebel News “drove [its] jumbo tron truck around the city, showing some of the scenes of Hamas thugs threatening to kill people, blocking the downtown streets, [and] having a mass prayer gridlocking the city … the police chief made an announcement on Twitter that he was investigating [the team] for a hate crime.”

DYSTOPIAN: Canadian Police Threaten Journalist with JAIL Over Bogus “Hate Crime”youtu.be

“The fact that we showed those things [meant] we were conducting a hate crime, and [the police chief] announced his investigation in advance, declaring it an Islamophobic hate crime,” Levant explains.

“If [he and his team are] convicted … under this provision of the Canadian criminal code, it’s a two-year prison sentence.”

“The very next day,” following the announcement of the investigation, “I got in the jumbo tron truck, and I drove it, and I parked it right outside the headquarters of the police chief,” Levant recounts, “and I walked into the main police police station in Toronto, and I said, ‘I’m here to see the chief.’”

Unsurprisingly, “He wouldn’t come down, and he wouldn’t send anyone else down, so I eventually left.”

However, despite the looming threat, Levant and Rebel News refuse to cower in fear.

“We’ve been driving the truck with those same images for a few days now, and I don’t know what’s going to happen next,” he says.

To help Ezra and the staff at Rebel News fight this absurd and unlawful attack on free speech, go to https://savethetruck.com/.

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