FAIL: Maddow Tries To Make Fun of MMA, Botches Dunk On Trump

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Seldom does a segment on cable television provide one with such glaring, blazing, in-your-face proof of the cloistered nature of our Regime Media, and of the obvious disconnect between them and the audience they purport to serve. MSNBC host Rachel Maddow aptly demonstrated that cloister during her opening monologue.

Watch and try not to pass out from laughing as Maddow goes from botch to botch (click “expand” to view full transcript):




9:00 PM

RACHEL MADDOW: I’m going show you something, but I’m going to tell you what you’re going to see in advance. I’m going to tell you in advance but, even so, I’m going to venture a guess that you knowing in advance what’s coming; you having me tell you in advance what you’re about to see is not going to make it make any more sense. But let me just describe it ahead of time so you can get your head around it. Okay? It’s going to start with, I think it’s like a bracelet, a decorated bracelet hitting the floor. It’s possible that it’s like a mouth guard or something. But that’s so gross, I don’t even want to think about it. We’re just going to call it a bracelet. A decorated bracelet hits the floor. Then there’s a guy with fake fire. And that guy then shows off that he’s got teeth like this. Like the James bond villain, the giant guy who had the metal teeth. Grrr, his teeth like that. Then after we see the teeth like that, then next there’s a guy who breaks a window with his head, and then there is a guy who points. It goes on from there. But let’s just — that’s enough. Let’s just watch that part now, and then we’ll do the next part. So start with the — start with the bracelet thing. Watch this.


MADDOW: (laughs) See, it’s just like I said. Bracelet, fake fire, metal teeth, head through the window, and then the guy who points. Theoretically, grrr, it should help to know in advance what’s coming in this sequence, but it doesn’t help. It’s still just as weird. But it keeps going. After the pointing guy, we then get a guy motioning like he is going cut himself in the neck. Then you get a guy who kicks the air. Then, inexplicably, you get the highlight. You get a guy with vampire teeth. And then the guy with the big fake vampire teeth punches the fake fire. Then two other guys do punchy things and then it gets really funny. I can’t even describe it. There is an audio component, and then there is Donald Trump. So start it. Roll it from right where the guy just points.


MICHAEL BUFFER: Affliction Banned. July 19th, the Honda Center, Anaheim, California. Live on pay-per-view.

DONALD TRUMP:  I will say these are tough looking guys. I asked one of them how long would I last? You know, I’m tough. We’re all tough. And he looked at me like I was kidding. That wasn’t even nice. But it’s an honor to have you in Trump Tower. I think “Affliction” is going to do really well.

MADDOW: (cackling)  I just want to say that we did not, like, edit this and cut in a different goofy voice where it was supposed to be a tough guy voice. Just- this is how it came out. Play the actual announcement part again. Just listen to the voice here.

BUFFER:  Affliction Banned. July 19th, the Honda Center, Anaheim, California. Live on pay-per-view.

MADDOW: (giggling) “Affliction Banned.” They did not, apparently, spring for the expensive announcer guy. They just had the intern do it.

Maddow referenced the defunct Affliction mixed martial arts promotion as a bank shot segue into Trump’s joke about having migrants fight it out, and into a broader segment on the upcoming presidential debate. That was the whole purpose of that production.

Instead, we were all treated to the bigotry of the Acela Elite on naked display. 

Surely there must have been one cosmopolitan Obama liberal who could at least translate to Maddow what she was watching so as not to make a total fool of herself. They can’t all be Pajama Boy, right? There had to have been someone on the Upper East Side that could intervene and explain this very basic presentation, no? 

Alas, this does not seem to have been the case, which is how we end up watching the illustrious Rachel Maddow struggle to distinguish between a “decorated bracelet” and a mouthguard. Maddow is further unable to discern a decorated mouthguard, which leads her to conclude that professional fighters were going out there with teeth like classic Bond villain Jaws.

Relax, Rachel. That’s just Andrei Arlovski’s mouthguard. He doesn’t actually have serrated incisors. 

Maddow further expressed mocking wonderment at fighters performing basic moves for A FIGHT PROMO, such as kicks and punches. Finally, and most brutally, she mocks legendary announcer Michael Buffer’s voiceover, by musing that Affliction was stuck with the intern after being unable to afford the “expensive announcer guy”. 

I wonder how many man (or ungendered person) hours went into producing this wet fart of a segment wherein no one seems to know what they are talking about. In turn, Maddow was exposed as not knowing what she was talking about, even as she was trying to mock the things of which she spoke in furtherance of a cheap dunk on Donald Trump.

These are the people that want to tell you who to vote for, how to live, and what to accept as reliable information- even as they show contempt for large swaths of the population.

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