FOX News Analyst Gianno Caldwell Founding Public Safety Institute to Push Back on Soros-Funded Prosecutors (VIDEO)


FOX News analyst Gianno Caldwell lost his younger brother to the violent streets of Chicago. He is now founding a public safety institute to advocate for victims of violent crimes.

Caldwell has made it clear that one of his objectives is to push back against the lawlessness that has been allowed to flourish by George Soros backed prosecutors.

He announced this new initiative on the Sean Hannity show.

From FOX News:

Gianno Caldwell calls out Soros-backed soft-on-crime politicians, launches Institute for Public Safety

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell is launching a new public safety nonprofit aimed at assisting the victims of violent crime and lobbying against a soft-on-crime push from progressives that he says has made the problem worse for years.

The Caldwell Institute for Public Safety has multiple missions aimed at combating the American crime crisis – support for victims, activism against progressive candidates who support soft-on-crime policies, and lobbying for public safety laws…

“The other side of it, though, is going after these radical, progressive, soft-on-crime prosecutors, mayors and city council members, in some cases,” he told Fox News Digital. “I want to ensure that those who’ve radically reshaped our criminal justice system, funded by George Soros and others, that they are held to account.”

Part of that is helping traditional prosecutors campaign against progressives with backing from deep-pocketed benefactors like the billionaire Soros, he said. Another part is pushing legislators to take action against crime.

Those prosecutors include Kim Foxx, of Caldwell’s hometown in Cook County, Illinois, George Gascon in Los Angeles and Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, among others who have benefited from progressive donors.

See the videos below:

Best of luck to Mr. Caldwell in his new venture.

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