Judges partially block Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan over constitutional challenge from 11 states

Two judges sided against the student loan forgiveness plan pushed by President Joe Biden based on a challenge from Republican-led states on Monday.

Biden promised during his 2016 campaign to transfer student loan debt from those who borrowed money to all taxpayers, but eleven states filed a lawsuit accusing Biden of usurping the power of Congress.

‘Kansas’s victory today is a victory for the entire country … This is not only unconstitutional, it’s unfair.’

U.S. District Judge Daniel Crabtree in Wichita, Kansas, blocked parts of the plan moments before U.S. District Judge John Ross in St. Louis, Missouri, issued a preliminary injunction against the plan. Biden’s plot was scheduled to go into effect on July 1.

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach praised the rulings in a written statement.

“Kansas’s victory today is a victory for the entire country,” wrote Kobach. “As the court correctly held, whether to forgive billions of dollars of student debt is a major question that only Congress can answer. Biden’s administration is attempting to usurp Congress’s authority. This is not only unconstitutional, it’s unfair. Blue collar Kansas workers who didn’t go to college shouldn’t have to pay off the student loans of New Yorkers with gender studies degrees.”

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey posted about the decision on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

“The Court has granted our motion to BLOCK Joe Biden’s illegal student loan plan,” Bailey posted. “Congress never gave Biden the authority to saddle working Americans with half-a-trillion dollars in other people’s debt. A huge win for the Constitution.”

‘This unconstitutional handout is costing taxpayers billions.’

Republican Rep. Stephanie of Oklahoma reminded people that the student loan forgiveness plan would have massive financial consequences for the budget.

“Biden’s student loan giveaway is not free and this unconstitutional handout is costing taxpayers billions,” she said on social media.

She added an article from CNN reporting that the plan would contribute to a 27% budget shortfall, according to the Congressional Budgeting Office.

One survey from Bankrate found that 18% of Americans said student debt will have a major influence on their voting choices in November, while the rate increased to 29% among those who had outstanding student loans.

Former President Donald Trump has excoriated Biden’s student forgiveness plans and called them “vile” and illegal.

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