Meet the Latest Deviant to Join the Biden Admin

Some days, I wake up and look at the news and wonder if Biden is trying to lose the election. Maybe he’s just sick and tired of the whole thing, and despite the prodding of DOCTOR Mrs. Jill Biden, he’s throwing in the towel. 


Then again, maybe the loons running Biden are trying to sabotage him. 

How else do you explain his newly appointed associate comms director, Tyler Cherry? Either someone didn’t do their due diligence in hiring him (or her or whatever it identifies as) or Meet the Media Matters alumni who is now speaking on behalf of the president of the United States: 

Cherry, who uses the plural pronoun “their” to identify himself (in the interest of not making myself crazy, I’m just going to use he/him to identify Cherry), married a man named Jakob Stronko in 2022. Cherry wore a glittery lavender gown, dangling earrings—and a moustache. The New York Times reported

The couple were married on Oct. 1 in front of about 100 guests at a friend’s home in Washington. Deb Haaland, the secretary of the Interior, officiated. Ms. Haaland was authorized to officiate the marriage by the District of Columbia, and did so as a private citizen, not as part of her public office.

The couple and their friends spent the days leading up to the wedding decorating the home with nearly 400 disco balls, and hung love letters they had written to each other early in their relationship. [Emphasis added]


The deviency runs deep in this White House. 

Cherry not only worked as a Media Matters hack but also spent the last three years speaking on behalf of OUR Department of Interior—when he wasn’t busy attacking police, promoting Hamas, and calling for ICE to be abolished. 

Cherry pushed the Russia collusion hoax, bragged about ruining his family’s Thanksgiving celebration and calling them racists, and has pushed the gender pronouns nonsense (another of the Left’s hoaxes). He sounds like a barrel of laughs. 

When called out on his extremist tweets, he said he should not be held responsible for comments he made when he was younger. 

He vowed to do whatever Biden and his handlers tell him to do to promote “this Administration’s agenda.” 

Cherry—is that a drag persona?—joins a line of Biden officials charged with running our government who publicly engage in aberrant behaviour. Remember these two? 


Let’s send Biden and his merry band of lunatics back under the rocks they crawled out from under in November. 

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