SHOCKING: Newly released 1999 video hints Saudi Arabia was complicit in 9/11 attacks

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A newly released video suggests that the FBI has been concealing potential evidence related to the greatest terrorist attack in American history.

Glenn Beck
plays the released footage of a man, who the FBI has identified as a Saudi intelligence agent, filming locations in Washington, D.C., and discussing a “plan.”

New Video Hints Saudi Arabia Helped Plan 9/11. Why Release It NOW?

“O beloved, esteemed brothers, a greeting to you from Omar Al-Bayoumi. We greet you, the esteemed brothers, and we welcome you from Washington – Washington, the American capital city,” the video begins.

The speaker then films various sites in the city, including the Washington Monument, the Capitol building, and the Smithsonian, before ending with a camera shot of some black government cars and mention of “the plan.”

Glenn is highly skeptical.

“This tape has been known. We’ve had it, and it was just buried,” he says. “The 9/11 victims’ families got access to [the video] for their trial against Saudi Arabia, but it was still quiet.”

The obvious question is: “Why would the United States government release a piece of 9/11 evidence 23 years after 9/11?”

Of one thing Glenn is sure: “There’s no such thing as a coincidence.”

“What is the main thing we get from Saudi Arabia?” he asks. “The Petrodollar.”

Could the release of this old footage have something to do with Saudi Arabia threatening to end the petrodollar?

To hear Glenn’s theory, watch the clip above.

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