Texas woman accused of trying to drown family’s 3-year-old child at apartment pool was spouting racist claims, witnesses say

A woman may face hate charges for an alleged attack on a Palestinian-American family at the pool of an apartment complex, according to Texas police.

Witnesses said that the family was enjoying the pool at the complex on May 19 when 42-year-old Elizabeth Wolf confronted them and demanded to know where they were from.

‘Tell her I will kill her, and I will kill her whole family.’

The Euless Police Department said officers responded to a report of a disturbance between two women, and when they arrived, a witness told them, “A woman who was very intoxicated had tried to drown a child and argued with the child’s mother.”

The mother of the child told police that Wolf had accused them of not being American and also questioned whether the children were actually hers.

A spokesperson of the Texas chapter of the Council on Islamic American Relations called for the incident to be prosecuted as a hate crime in a release to the media on Saturday.

“The alleged attacker reportedly approached the mother with racist interrogations then jumped into the swimming pool and grabbed the children to the deep end of the pool to allegedly drown them,” the council said.

They claimed that the woman was able to jump into the pool and that her son was able to escape, but the daughter’s head was forced underwater.

“The alleged attacker snatched off the mother’s head scarf and used it to beat the mother as well as kicking her to keep her away while forcing her daughter’s head underwater,” CAIR added.

‘I don’t know where to go to feel safe with my kids.’

The mother of the child spoke to CAIR about the incident and offered additional details of her version of the story.

She said that a bystander she described as an African-American man rushed in to help the woman’s daughter.

Wolf allegedly yelled, “Tell her I will kill her, and I will kill her whole family,” as she was being handcuffed by police.

“We are American citizens, originally from Palestine, and I don’t know where to go to feel safe with my kids,” said the mother in a statement released by CAIR.

“My country is facing a war, and we are facing that hate here. My daughter is traumatized,” she continued, “whenever I open the apartment door, she runs away and hides, telling me she is afraid the lady will come and immerse her head in the water again. Also, my husband’s employment is jeopardized, due to having to leave work to accompany me and our four kids whenever we have appointments and errands to run.”

Wolf was charged for attempted murder and injury to a child. She posted $25,000 as bond for the attempted murder charge and $15,000 for the child injury charge. Police did not indicate whether the woman lived at the apartment complex.

The White House released a statement about the alleged incident.

“I am deeply disturbed by the reports of an attempted drowning of a 3-year-old Palestinian-American at a neighborhood pool,” read the statement attributed to Biden. “No child should ever be subjected to a violent attack, and my heart goes out to the family.”

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office said it was considering hate crime charges against the woman.

Euless is a suburb in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with about 51,000 residents.

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