Dirty Business: WEF Said Reduce Laundry to Save the Planet

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The ever-insidious World Economic Forum (WEF), whose recommendations are adopted by governments around the world (including the U.S.), urged us peasants in a newly re-surfaced video to do less laundry to save the planet. To which I reply, it’s high time we wash the WEF right out of our hair.


There is no “climate crisis”; it’s an ideological fantasy of leftists bent on increasing their power and wealth while restricting our liberties and rights. Indeed, WEF is very dedicated to demanding that we give up our property, vacations, cars, and apparently even our hygiene because The Science™ told us so. Not that such rules will apply to the elites, of course. They will continue to travel the world in private jets from their vast seaside estates to luxury hotels from which they will tell us washing our undies is killing the planet. Both WEF and the Biden administration often align on harmful climate policies; for instance, WEF’s First Movers Coalition website prominently features a quote from former Biden Special Presidential Envoy for Climate and current Biden campaign supporter John Kerry.

In its undated video “Scientists Are Urging Us To Wash Our Clothes Less To Help The Planet,” newly re-circulating on Twitter/X, filthy rich (pun intended) WEF condescendingly explains why we must wash our clothes less often.  The video — which might not be very recent, but which still perfectly encapsulates WEF’s ideology — explains that scientists claim “laundry has a ‘huge environmental impact.’ 70% of the CO2 emissions generated by a cotton T-shirt come from washing and drying it.”


As a very important side note, carbon is absolutely essential for all life on earth, and there is evidence that increased carbon is beneficial for plants — including food crops. So, actually, increasing CO2 emissions are no cause for worry or panic. WEF is scaremongering ideologically, not scientifically, no matter what vague group of “experts” they cite.

WEF’s video continues, “Laundry also puts detergents and microfibres into waterways[,] Which is damaging to ecosystems. Too much washing also wears out clothes faster[,] Meaning more are sent to landfill. The EU alone produces 2.2 million tonnes of textile waste a year.” WEF adds, “Experts at the Society of Chemical Industry say we shouldn’t wash clothes after every wear… They say jeans shouldn’t be washed more than once a month[,] Jumpers once a fortnight[,] And pyjamas once a week.” These experts sound like certifiable nutcases. Either that or they have absolutely no sense of smell. WEF did generously add, “The exceptions are underwear and gym clothes, which should be washed every wear.”

I would say here, as a personal comment, that if clothes do wear out faster now (and WEF is hardly an objective source), it’s because they are made more cheaply and shoddily than ever, not because they’re being washed too often. I have clothes that belonged to my great-aunts that are in better shape after a century of regular washing than the Chinese slave labor-made clothes from Amazon are after three weeks. WEF is whining about the wrong problem. But since WEF is enthusiastically admiring of Communist China, slave labor and all, that’s not a surprise.


The WEF video concludes, “If using a machine, try lower temperatures and shorter cycles. How often do you wash your clothes?” As often as I wear them, WEF. And that won’t change no matter how many fossil fuel-guzzling globalist elites or Biden officials screech that the planet is dying.

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