Is ‘Bachelorette’ star Josh Seiter really TRANS— or is it all a master troll?

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Josh Seiter is back in the spotlight.

Seiter first appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette” in 2015. He then made headlines again after an odd death hoax last year, when a false statement was posted to his Instagram account claiming he had died at the age of 36.

Now, the former “Bachelorette” hopeful has come out as transgender.

“There’s been a lot of comments, most it revolving around my appearance, how I look, whether I have facial and body hair, how far along in my transition I am, and just a lot of intolerance and hate and myopic viewpoints on what a woman is and how they should present and how they should look,” Seiter tells Alex Stein.

“Have you reached out to ABC? Would you like to be the future Bachelorette instead of, you know, just a contestant, would you like to be the main female that all the guys are trying to go after?” Stein asks Seiter.

“Well, I haven’t thought that far ahead,” Seiter admits.

Seiter is also, surprisingly, not a fan of the Biden regime.

“I feel like it’s really insulting how much they’re constantly trying to divide people based on our orientation and our race, and it’s just something that I’m not a fan of,” Seiter says, adding that he’s “not MAGA.”

Stein — who has himself dressed as a woman and worn a “tuck-friendly” bathing suit as a gimmick — has a serious question for Seiter.

“I’m just telling you this as a friend, I know this is a bit, I know it’s a gimmick, and I know you’re trolling, and I love it because I do the same thing. But how long do you think you can do this for, dude? I mean, let’s be real,” Stein asks.

“Well, it’s not a bit for me. It may have been a bit for you, but for me it’s how I feel,” Seiter responds.

Stein still isn’t buying it.

“Josh, you’re lying!” He shouts, but Seiter sticks to his guns.

“I’m just living my authentic truth,” he says.

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