North Korea to Send ‘Cannon Fodder’ Troops to Fight in Ukraine, What Could Go Wrong?

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Thanks to Joe Biden’s multi-billion dollar support of Ukraine in what appears to be its unending war with Russia, the wacky-pack leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has decided to send troops to fight alongside its Ruskie allies.


The bromance between Vladimir Putin and Un has been building for a while.

FACT-O-RAMA! North Korea has been sending war materiel to Russia for months, but North Korean troops on the Ukrainian battlefields will take us one giant step closer to WWIII.

Officials believe North Korea has sent missiles, munitions, and roughly 1.6 million artillery rounds to help Russia. The U.S. has sent billions of dollars worth of war supplies to Ukraine.

Un stated his opposition to the “hegemonic and imperialist” tactical moves of the West, specifically pointing his finger at the U.S. in our support of Ukraine, as his reason for throwing his nation’s military supplies — and now its troops — to Team Russia.

The Pentagon has been monitoring the budding bromance between the two dictators for a while now.

“I think that if I were North Korean military personnel management,” Pentagon spokesperson Major General Pat Ryder stated, “I would be questioning my choices on sending my forces to be cannon fodder in an illegal war against Ukraine.”


As expected, South Korea is now rattling its sabers in response to the news from North Korea. After an emergency meeting of its National Security Council, the non-communist Korea stated it would send arms to Ukraine, something it had previously decided not to do.

Russian lawmaker Ilya Ponomarev told the media outlet Express that “North Korea is one of [the] key Russian partners and the meaning of the rationale behind them becoming such a partner is because they are acting as a bridge between China and Russia.”

REMINDER-O-RAMA! North Korea, South Korea, and maybe now China are getting involved in the Russia-Ukraine war that Biden and the military-industrial complex have done everything to exacerbate.

Russia and North Korea also signed a mutual defense agreement earlier in June. 

The agreement includes the following: “If one of the two sides is placed under war situations due to an armed invasion from an individual country or several nations, the other side provides military and other assistance without delay by mobilizing all means in its possession.”

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The war with Ukraine and Russia is based on Ukraine’s Donbas region, a piece of real estate known for mining. It has been largely Russified since the 1930s. 


Ukraine has seemingly infinite financial support from the United States. Yet the United States — which has sent more aid to Ukraine than any other country — is but one of 26 nations contributing to Ukraine’s battle against Russia. Russia is allied with North Korea, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and China. India hasn’t thrown their support to Russia but has recently increased their imports of Russian gas and oil, giving Putin some much-needed cash.

I count 33 countries now involved in one way or another. 

Throw in Israel’s war with Hamas and likely soon with Hezbollah, and a potential China-Taiwan fight, and you’ve got all the ingredients to make World War III.

Remember in November, none of this was happening when Trump was in office. 

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