Recently arrested GOP state representative in Michigan says he was ‘framed,’ a victim of ‘political lawfare’

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A Republican state representative in Michigan has made his first public comments since he was arrested a week ago, claiming that he was “framed” in a scheme of “political lawfare” and that he will soon be “totally” exonerated.

In the wee hours of the morning last Thursday, Lansing cops arrested state Rep. Neil Friske, a first-term Republican representing northwestern parts of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and even a few counties in the southeastern portion of the Upper Peninsula. Friske had been accused of sexually assaulting a stripper at his Lansing condo and then chasing her down the street while firing a weapon, as Blaze News previously reported.

‘I just don’t even understand how someone that wants to claim to be an upright, Christian person can run this kind of a campaign and then live with themself and expect people to vote for him.’

Gateway Pundit offered a different version of events, claiming that the stripper refused to leave Friske’s condo unless he paid her money. When he would not comply, she allegedly grabbed a pair of scissors and attempted to stab him. She also allegedly called police to report falsely that he had shot at her, “even though no shots were fired,” the outlet emphasized.

Friske, a strong supporter of former President Trump and traditional American freedoms, “is always exercising his 2nd Amendment right,” said a statement from his campaign issued hours after his arrest. His campaign later shared the Gateway Pundit article on social media.

Officers had urged Ingham County prosecutors to charge Friske with sexual assault, assault, and a weapons violation, but thus far, prosecutors have declined to do so. Friske was released from custody shortly after noon on Friday.

On Monday, Friske gave his first interview since the arrest, appearing on Tucker Randy’s radio program, “Your Defending Fathers,” to give his version of events. During their conversation, Friske vehemently maintained his innocence and hinted that he was likely the victim of a politically motivated hit job.

Friske explained to Randy that on the night of his arrest, he quickly had the sense that “something wasn’t right.” He then alleged that unidentified political forces had “set” him “up.” “I was being framed,” he said. “That’s how these people work.”

“I just don’t even understand how someone that wants to claim to be an upright, Christian person can run this kind of a campaign and then live with themself and expect people to vote for him,” Friske added.

Friske called this person “desperate.” The statement issued by Friske’s campaign after his arrest likewise called the incident “highly suspect,” especially considering recent antics possibly associated with Friske’s “opponent,” who has “deep-state ties.”

Friske never told Randy the name of the person to whom he was referring, but Friske currently faces a tough primary challenge from Parker Fairbairn. A website for Fairbairn’s campaign claims that too many state politicians have been “corrupted.” “We need a Representative who will avoid the drama and do the job the people sent them to do,” it added.

In addition to the interview with Randy, Friske also released a letter, calling out his “opponent” for spreading “lies and half-truths.” He also claimed that he was released from custody after “no evidence was found to support” the “false accusations” against him. “I am confident this investigation will totally exonerate me,” he wrote. Finally, he insisted that “the extreme pressures of political lawfare” would never succeed against him.

“I know there’s been naysayers out there telling me I should step down, I should suspend my campaign. I am not doing that,” Friske told Randy. “That is not what I feel like God wants me to do, that’s not the message I’m getting from my supporters, and I’ve not done anything wrong.”

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