Rogue bureaucrats are the true threat to our democracy

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Has the left forgotten what democracy means?

A recent Associated Press story headlined, “Conservative-backed group is creating a list of federal workers it suspects could resist Trump plans,” describes the American Accountability Foundation’s project of identifying and building a list of rotten bureaucrats in the Department of Homeland Security. Of course, the left and public-sector unions don’t like this at all.

To accuse those who expose the unelected leftist bureaucrats of working to “undermine our democracy” is a staggering feat of brazen duplicity.

“The effort … has stunned democracy experts and shocked the civil service community in what they compare with the red scare of McCarthyism,” reports the AP. Skye Perryman, CEO of the advocacy group Democracy Forward, is quoted as saying, “They’re seeking to undermine our democracy. … They’re seeking to undermine the way that our government works for people.”

There is nothing particularly surprising about the left’s over-the-top opposition to our project. We aim to clear the Department of Homeland Security of leftists who will obstruct future presidents’ efforts to secure the southern border, which would be a massive setback for the left’s open-borders agenda.

Their actual statements, however, are disturbing indeed, and reveal something truly dark about the modern American left.

Abraham Lincoln described government in America as “of the people, by the people, for the people.” America is a representative republic, in which government derives its authority from the people. That is why our laws are written in Congress by representatives whom we elect and executed by a president who is chosen every four years by “we the people.”

Now, as we work to expose radical leftist bureaucrats who use their positions to obstruct and undermine the person chosen by the American people, the left has taken to a different, utterly un-American, political philosophy. To them, the American people are too dumb and “unenlightened” to decide who should govern and what they should do. Instead, the left wants these unelected liberal bureaucrats to rule.

To then accuse those who expose the unelected leftist bureaucrats of working to “undermine our democracy” is a staggering feat of brazen duplicity. Bureaucrats who sabotage the elected president and act with their own agendas are the ones undermining democracy, not those who hold them accountable!

Leftists may like to call this “democracy,” but they’re fooling no one. This is authoritarianism. This is tyranny. And the fact that this vision of government is now the left’s credo is terrifying. The left loves to tell us how “democracy dies in darkness,” and indeed, the darkest place in Washington, D.C., is a bureaucrat’s hidden office in the bowels of his agency.

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