Venture Capitalist Joe Lonsdale Stuns Squawk Box, Says He Hopes Trump Appoints Two More Originalist Justices Who Will “Protect Our Country for a Generation” (VIDEO)

Joe Lonsdale hope Trump is able to appoint two more originalist justices to the US Supreme Court.

Venture capitalist Joe Lonsdale, founder of University of Austin and co-founder of Palantir, joined Squawk Box on Tuesday. During the discussion Lonsdale was asked about the prospect of President Donald Trump in his second term appointing two more originalist judges to the US Supreme Court: “I think that would protect our country for a generation to have originalist judges who believe in the Constitution.”

Here is the transcript.

Andrew Ross Sorkin: You heard President Biden say last week that he thinks actually there could be as many as two judges up for grabs on the Supreme Court, whoever becomes the President for the next four years. If Trump were to win and put two new judges in place, would you be happy as an American? I’m actually very curious about this because if you… No, but to the extent that you, you’d like to think that you’d want a Supreme Court, I would imagine, that represents, that is somewhat representative of the country, somewhat representative of the country. How would you feel, Joe, if there were two more conservative judges on the Supreme Court? So you would actually get close to not just the majority, which you’re already in, but the entirety of it, obviously, for potentially a generation or more.

Joe Lonsdale: Yeah, I think that would protect our country for a generation to have originalist judges who believe in the Constitution, Andrew. They just ruled 9-0 to protect the abortion drugs. These people are not activists. They’re clearly in trying to interpret the Constitution, and I think that makes us very safe. They’re going to stop the unrealized taxes. They would destroy the innovation sector, and they’re going to stop a lot of this nonsense. I mean, Jackson, who’s the only person Biden put on, was the only one to very clearly say she wants a wealth tax. You do a wealth tax, you destroy our sector. I think in terms of protecting the United States of America, we need originalist judges, and that would be an amazing thing for our country.

Joe Kernan: A couple more originalists?

Joe Lonsdale: That would be great.

That wasn’t the answer they were wanting.

Via Conservative War Machine and Midnight Rider.

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