WAYNE ROOT: President Trump, Make the Debate About America’s Women and Children. That’s Your Only Audience.


By Wayne Allyn Root

President Trump doesn’t need much advice in life. He is one of the most successful, wealthy, famous and celebrated human beings in the history of mankind.

But I do know a thing or two about debates. I’ve never lost one in my life. And two stand out because of the unfriendly circumstances I faced.

Back in 1980, I played Ronald Reagan in the Columbia University presidential debate against Jimmy Carter- in a college filled with radical socialists, Marxists and communists who hated Reagan. After the debate the student body voted. I won the debate with 75% of the vote.

Back in 2008, I debated on national TV for the Libertarian Presidential nomination against a US Senator (Mike Gravel), US Congressman (Bob Barr), and a dozen of the most well-known and beloved Libertarian leaders in party history. I was a completely unknown Las Vegas sports gambler, never in politics a day in my life, and booed unmercifully by the crowd because I was a lifelong Republican-conservative. But I won the debate so decisively, I was voted onto the Libertarian Presidential ticket.

So, here’s my advice to President Trump…

First, this debate is about one audience only: WOMEN. That’s who you need to reach. Men don’t matter. You’re already winning a landslide with men. A majority of American men- white men, black men, Latino men- are in your corner.

Aim everything you say at women.

You need to win over women- in particular independents and so-called “mama bears” (women with children and grandchildren).

Women don’t like harsh words or attacks. However, women all understand the word “liar.” Women don’t like liars. Brand Biden again and again as a liar. He is the President of “The Liars Club.”

You can open the debate by pointing out that in the debate four years ago, Joe Biden lied about his son Hunter’s laptop and claimed it was “Russian misinformation” when in fact it was real- and it showcased corruption by the Biden Crime Family, as well as unimagined levels of drug abuse, sex abuse and debauchery against women.

Point out Biden’s election to the presidency was based on that lie. Biden is the President of “The Liars Club.”

Biden’s lies are damaging America, destroying the American Dream, wiping out the great American middle class, and putting our children in danger at the hands of millions of illegal foreign invaders.

Go back to that theme again and again. Biden is a proven liar. Biden is President of “The Liars Club.” Biden’s lies are damaging the lives of America’s women and children.

Here are the winning topics that affect women and children the most. Keep coming back to these again and again. That’s the key to winning a debate: What the moderators ask you, DOES NOT MATTER. You control the debate. No matter what they ask, you change the topic and keep coming back to the topics that you want to discuss.

These winning topics are…

  1. The economy and inflation. There was no inflation under Trump. Biden’s policies have produced the worst inflation of our lifetimes. Those are facts. The debate is over. Biden and Democrats own inflation. Everyone can see it with their own eyes. Biden’s inflation is hurting you, your family, your children. You can see it in your pocketbook.
  1. Jobs? What jobs? Every job created by Biden has been for illegal aliens. There has not been one net job gain for American citizens. More lies by Biden.
  1. The open border and the explosion of murders and rapes of innocent American women and children by illegal aliens welcomed in by Biden and Democrats. Again, we can see it with our own eyes. Biden and Democrats can’t hide it. It’s getting worse by the day.

Memorize the names of recent victims. Say their names out loud. They are the victims of Biden’s open border disaster. The next victim could be your daughter, wife, mother or sister.

Close with, “Biden and Democrats don’t care how many innocent American women and children die at the hands of foreign invaders, as long as they get more Democrat voters.”

  1. World War 3 is coming. Now we are allowing Ukraine to bomb beaches in Crimea, killing innocent Russian children, with US-made missiles. Your sons and daughters are going to be cannon fodder at the Russian Front, if Joe Biden and Democrats get their way. They’re already making plans to re-institute the draft. You need to say, “With President Trump back in the White House, there will be no draft, there will be no World War 3. Your sons and daughters are safe.”
  1. Lastly, bring up transgender brainwashing in schools, and mentally-ill men wanting to use women’s bathrooms, and play on women’s teams, and take away women’s sports scholarships, and dress in women’s locker-rooms. These are issues all “mama bears” can agree on. You can say, “This madness ends when I become President again.”

Keep coming back to these issues that appeal to women, again and again. The questions posed by the debate moderators don’t matter. You take control of the debate. You present the messages you want to present.

Lastly, presentation is everything.

Women hate angry men. Present your case with emotion, passion and compassion, not anger. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Show America the President Trump I know- the one with a big heart who cares about American women and children whose lives are being damaged, destroyed, or cut short by the dangerous, reckless and deadly policies of Biden and Democrats.

President Trump, if you take this advice, the night is yours. Joe Biden’s career will end on Thursday night. Within weeks, Biden will announce he is stepping down. Democrats will install a new candidate at the convention. But it will be too late. The Trump landslide will crush anyone they put on the ticket as a last-minute replacement.

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