ESCALATION: Biden to officially deploy American military contractors to Ukraine as WWIII looms

ESCALATION: Biden to officially deploy American military contractors to Ukraine as WWIII looms

Supposedly to help speed up the maintenance and repair of the American weapons systems being used by the regime of President Volodymyr Zelensky, the administration of President Joe Biden is planning to deploy American military contractors to Ukraine.

Four United States officials familiar with the matter reportedly told CNN that the policy is still being worked on and has not yet been signed by President Biden.

“We have not made any decisions and any discussion of this is premature,” one regime official told CNN. “The president is absolutely firm that he will not be sending U.S. troops to Ukraine.”

In what looks a whole lot like a smokescreen, CNN appears to be framing the narrative on Biden’s behalf by “leaking” the news while at the very same time quoting a source that insists the news is not what it seems.

To send U.S. military contractors to Ukraine represents another violation of Russia’s red line. And yet, the Biden regime continues to push the limit while claiming that “U.S. troops” are not, nor will they ever be, sent to Ukraine.

While some might argue that military contractors are not the same as troops, the fact remains that the U.S. is still directly involved in the conflict and increasingly so with moves like this.

(Related: Speaking of Biden, CNN is covering for him by issuing a gag order on its exclusive coverage of the upcoming presidential debate.)

Pentagon to green light contracting American companies to operate in Ukraine

As the powers that be (TPTB) lose control over the abomination known as the Western financial system, they have to do something to keep their corporations afloat and in control. This is why the Pentagon is soon expected to start awarding contracts to American companies so they can operate inside Ukraine.

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Officials say the green light will go at some point in 2024, marking the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022 that Washington will make a big move like this to try to transfer its illegitimate assets from the U.S. to Ukraine.

Of course, the cover story is that this is all necessary to fight Russia and “win the war,” but the truth is that TPTB are scrambling to grab as much as they can while their Titanic sinks in seemingly slow motion. Part of this involves fortifying and concentrating everything they still have inside Ukraine.

If people really understood the importance of Ukraine remaining under the full control of Zelensky et al. in order for the deep state to continue ruling, they would see that Russia is, in many ways, trying to do the world a favor by eliminating the parasites that have taken control of Ukraine.

Right now, the Western power structure is having to transport damaged equipment to nearby North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries like Poland or Romania for repair. This is allowing Russia too much leeway to win, which is why priority number one for the Biden regime is not to work for Americans but to instead concentrate all its efforts on Ukraine.

The same goes for your tax dollars, by the way. None of that money is going towards anything that helps the average person anymore. It is instead being funneled into the pockets of Biden, Zelensky, and all the rest of the power brokers who are facilitating this global heist.

The Biden regime has also given the green light for Ukraine to start using U.S. weapons to strike the interior of Russia, which Putin warned would not be tolerated. So far, Putin’s response is restrained, but once the restrainer is removed all bets are off.

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