Glenn Beck: How Trump can DESTROY Biden at tonight’s debate

The first 2024 presidential debate is tonight, and the mainstream media will likely do everything in its power to insist that Joe Biden won the debate.

Glenn Beck
has his own theory as to how Donald Trump can make the media’s job harder than ever.

“Now, Donald Trump could come in and debate with Joe Biden,” Glenn says. “I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t debate with Joe Biden.”

Why? Because what Joe Biden and his disastrous policies have done to the American people is felt by everyone.

“I’m just telling you right now, the American people cannot take it any more. The American people cannot afford these kinds of decisions coming again,” Glenn explains. “Why did all of this happen? Because of his policies. So don’t ask me to debate him on any of these things. He’s so wrong, it’s not worth anyone’s time.”

Rather, Glenn believes Trump should simply address what he will do to actually help the American people.

“Here’s what I promise the American people: Your inflation is going to take a while to turn around, but I agree it exists. This man told you it didn’t exist. It exists and it’s dire,” Glenn says from Trump’s perspective.

“I’ve done it before. I have created jobs, I have helped you, and you know the best way the president can create jobs? Get out of the way. This president creates jobs that are all in the United States government. I’d like to make the unemployment in the United States government high. I would like to make the employment rate for citizens of this country very low,” he continues.

Instead of arguing with Biden, all Trump needs to do is focus on the facts.

“I would just talk about gas prices, food prices, jobs, no matter what the question is. These are the actual facts,” Glenn says.

“Free the people to work the way they want to work. Reduce all of these ridiculous climate changing, global warming, all these special favors to unions, let people work and create. Let them choose the path and design their own life. It’s their life, not the life of the government of the United States of America,” he continues, noting that Trump should also mention what this government has been doing to him.

“I’m only getting hammered the way I am because I am the biggest obstacle standing in the globalists’ way.”

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