Have You Seen the Newest Trump Ads? Stop What You’re Doing and Check Them Out!

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The Trump campaign has released a couple of new ads this week, and I have to say they’re worth watching.

The first ad, called “Promises,” asks the key questions that will ultimately shape the election, with various visuals, such as graphics about inflation, a video showing migrant crime and drugs that have come across the border, a video from the southern border, and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.


“No matter what Joe Biden promised in the debate, ask yourself, ‘Are you financially better off since he became president?'” the narrator begins. “‘Are you and your family safer since he became president?’ ‘Is our country more secure since he became president?’ After four years of failure under Joe Biden, it’s time to make America prosperous and strong again, Donald Trump for president again.”

Watch the whole thing here:

The crux of the ad is the most important question “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” In every way, the answer is no for the majority of Americans.

The next ad, titled “Who Is Laughing Now,” is a bit more lighthearted but raises another key message of the Trump campaign.

“When you think about the Joe Biden you saw in the debate, ask yourself a question: Do you think the guy who was defeated by the stairs, got taken down by his bike, lost a fight with his jacket, and regularly gets lost makes it four more years in the White House?” the narrator says. “And you know who’s waiting behind him, right? Vote Joe Biden today, get Kamala Harris tomorrow.” 


Yup, the ad totally went there.

The ads effectively highlight key issues with Biden’s policies, stressing that his administration’s actions are harming Americans financially and in their daily lives, as well as emphasizing that voting for Biden is essentially voting for Kamala Harris, who has even lower approval ratings than Biden does. The ads will air during debates in battleground states, aiming to counter any favorable narratives about Biden. 

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And of course, an honorable mention must go to what isn’t actually a Trump ad. It’s a mock ad put out by Fox News’s Jimmy Failla for his Saturday evening show, which is great for a laugh. The ad features Biden in various public appearances where he loses his train of thought or spouts incoherent statements — scenes that have sadly become all too familiar. It begins with the line, “If you’re having trouble sleeping, ask your doctor about BIDENICA, the sleep aid made from 100 percent Joe Biden press conference.”


The fake ad features a disclaimer: “Do not climb stairs or operate heavy equipment while talking BIDENICA.”

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