‘He’s a buffoon’: Adam Carolla blasts Gavin Newsom and reveals he’s finally leaving California

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Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla revealed that he is finally going to leave California and compared staying in the state to excusing a drug-addicted family member.

The 60-year-old has faced questions about a potential exodus from the state for several years and told host Sage Steele that it is finally “time to move.”

The move coincides with his twin teenagers graduating high school, after the comedian citing for years that he didn’t want to uproot his kids.

“I have twins, and they’re in their senior year of high school, and I couldn’t — I didn’t want to pick up and, you know, tear up their roots, you know? So people always go, ‘When are you leaving?’ And I go, I will be attending their high school graduation in a U-Haul,” Carolla joked.

‘We get what we deserve, and we deserve it.’

Carolla, one of the first podcasters in America, said that California has been circling the drain in recent years and compared that to decades ago when leaving Los Angeles was the last thing on his mind.

“That’s a sad testimonial about California and sort of recent downturn in L.A. as well, because growing up out here, nobody left. You’d be a fool to leave, you know. And the notion of moving out of L.A. and going to like one of the Carolinas or Nashville … you watch the beginning of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies,’ they lived over here and then they came to where we are, and I was already there,” he said on “The Sage Steele Show.”

“Moving to a place like Wyoming or something would have been unfathomable, unheard of,” he added.

Along with stating that Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas were among 15 possible places he has considered moving to, Carolla dug deep into what he has seen as problems caused by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

“He’s a buffoon. He’s an idiot,” Carolla said. “I say to a lot of people, like, when’s it end? When do we change course? And the number one answer is, ‘We haven’t bottomed out yet. We’re getting near it. We haven’t totally bottomed out.’ And then I say, ‘Why is it necessary to bottom out?'” Carolla rhetorically asked.

“It’s like saying, you know, I was looking for some stuff in my son’s room and I found some syringes and a baggie of heroin. But he hasn’t flatlined yet, okay? I have not walked in and seen foam coming out of his mouth or him convulsing. And you go, ‘Yeah, I know, but why don’t you get him in some treatment now?’ And you go ‘because his heart hasn’t stopped yet.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, I know, but why do we have to bottom out?’ We know where we’re going. Let’s reverse course. California and Los Angeles can’t do it.”

Carolla went on to tell Steele that California got “what we deserve” and pointed to his mother as an example of a liberal mindset raging across the state. He described his late parent as being a “super progressive white lady” who said that while she didn’t know who Larry Elder was when he ran for governor, she knew “Gavin Newsom’s a Democrat” and that was enough.

“That’s how [Californians] vote. Like Dumbo moms. It’s like ride or die with Gavin Newsom. And it’s like, can you just admit you made a mistake and try something else? And it’s like, no, we cannot.”

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