The Morning Briefing: ‘Conservative’ Supreme Court Paves Superhighway to Totalitarianism

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Derwyff felt that a proper balance of accordion and macramé were the key to keeping drum circle planning sessions fresh. 


I remember when former President Donald Trump got three conservative justices on the Supreme Court and panicky Democrats were screeching that were heading back to colonial times. 

Nope, just 1984. 

Conservatives are back in familiar, “With friends like these…” territory. Painfully familiar, I should say. The erosion of faith in our institutions has been, put mildly, depressing. It just got worse, and greatly raised the already sky-high stakes for the 2024 presidential election. Some of the justices who conservatives hoped would be friendlies weren’t so friendly yesterday. 

Here’s a synopsis from Chris

The Supreme Court ruled today on issues involving laws preventing social media outlets from censoring opinions. The first opinion the court released on Wednesday was the 6-3 ruling in Murthy v. Missouri, which concerned COVID-19 censorship. The court ruled that the plaintiffs didn’t have standing to sue the federal government for pressuring social media companies to suppress opinions about COVID that didn’t fit the government’s narrative.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote the majority opinion; Justice Samuel Alito wrote the dissent, with Gorsuch and Thomas joining him in the minority. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t often write about the legal stuff because it’s not my strongest area for opinionated pontification. This one stinks too much for me to let it go. I’ve been a stand-up comic and a writer my whole adult life, so free speech is rather high up on my list of priorities. Any whiff of the heavy hand of the government interfering with it makes me feel obligated to talk about it until they finally succeed in shutting me up. 


The COVID-era collusion between the Biden administration and the major social media platforms to disenfranchise and financially ruin anyone who questioned the efficacy or safety of the vaccines was a dark time for free speech conservative media types. 

The Democrats have had the major mainstream media outlets under their control for decades. It was social media that gave conservative new media outlets and activist groups the edge to grow. In 2009, I co-founded the Los Angeles Tea Party with three other people who I knew only on Twitter. In fact, Twitter was essentially the virtual town square for all of the bloggers and activists in the movement. 

Most of us who write for larger conservative media outlets began as bloggers flying solo and pimping our stuff on Twitter and Facebook. YouTube eventually became an integral part of the mix as well. 

When the lefties who ran these companies realized that conservative media people had used them as promotional vehicles to become more prominent, the pushback began. It got very bad during the 2020 election, and worse during the 2021 vaccine days because they were, you know, being pressured by the President of the United States. 

Which is still on the anti-liberty menu. 

Catherine wrote a post featuring responses to the ruling from free speech advocates, including this one from Matt Kibbe (who I got to know well during those Tea Party social media days): 

Blaze TV podcaster Matt Kibbe pulled no punches: “This reveals the real majority in the Supreme Court, and they hate you for your liberties.”



It’s like slathering your bare feet in baby oil and stepping onto a very steep, and already slippery slope.

I’m sure that the Biden lackeys will soon be in touch with everyone except Elon Musk. 

With this generous assist from SCOTUS, Big Tech can still freely work with the Biden administration to financially throttle conservative media when we write about things that don’t fit the Dems’ narratives. There’s a significant negative financial impact when that happens. Our VIP members help us combat that. You can join us in the never-ending battle against Big Tech censorship by subscribing to VIP here and using the promo code CENSORSHIP to receive a a 50% discount. At that rate, you can get VIP Gold access to the premium content on all Townhall Media sites (PJ Media, Townhall, RedState, HotAir, Bearing Arms, and Twitchy) for around four bucks a month. 

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