VIDEO: ‘Facts-First’ CNN’s Most Embarrassing Lies of All Time

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According to CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter, moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash will be pushing back against Donald Trump’s “dishonest talking points” during Thursday night’s debate, effectively making the contest a 3-on-1. But how can a network like CNN, which has aired enough fake news to fill a library, deign to crown itself the arbiter of truth?

From the Thursday newsletter:

What’s more, while CNN has said it will not fact-check the candidates’ claims in real-time, Trump’s propensity to spread dangerous lies and corrosive conspiracy theories will put some onus on Tapper and Bash to make sure the Republican does not abuse the platform to peddle some of his favorite dishonest talking points…
In cases of fact versus fiction on critical matters, a he-said, he-said dynamic would not serve the audience well. CNN will need to account for that.

If this is to believed, then we can expect Bash and Tapper to interrupt Trump a lot. Calling out the Biden DOJ’s political prosecutions, correctly describing the border as open, speaking ill of the economy, mentioning President Biden’s influence peddling — all of these and more will likely result in obnoxious pushback from the moderators.

But let’s not call those interruptions fact-checks. CNN may have crowned itself the “facts-first” network, but that title has absolutely no bearing on reality. Indeed, the network has pushed so many false stories and partisan narratives that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

So in the interest of cataloguing just how many things CNN has gotten utterly wrong in the past few years alone, we’ve put together the following compilation video. Enjoy.

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