Whiny Wackos: LGBTQ Activists Demand Discussion of Them at the Debate

Ahead of the potentially highly rigged and much-anticipated debate between Democrat Joe “Diapers” Biden and Republican Donald Trump, LGBTQ activists are desperately demanding affirmation and attention from debate moderators and participants.


“This will be an enormous slight to our community if LGBTQ questions are not asked during this debate,” griped Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of LGBTQ activist organization GLAAD, in a letter to CNN debate moderators that The Hill obtained. “Our community is deeply affected by where these candidates stand.” Cry me a river, wokie. 

Ellis sniffled in the letter to Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, “The safety and freedom of LGBTQ people depends on your engagement with the candidates and ability to inform voters about their records and proposals.”

LGBTQ individuals are still a small minority in America, at about 7.6% of the adult population, but with usual blind self-absorbedness, they see themselves as the election-determining voting bloc, since most LGBTQ Americans plan to vote, according to The Hill. Reportedly, up to 8% of 2020 voters were LGBTQ, citing the ever-unreliable Washington Post to assert that such voters helped determine the election’s outcomes.

“We are poised to be the decisive voting bloc in the 2024 election, which is what we were in the 2020 election,” Ellis trumpeted anyway. “So, we have to be a part of this conversation.” What Ellis didn’t mention is that a majority of U.S. adults disagree with radical LGBTQ ideology, as support for LGBTQ “rights” is declining and 72% of Americans reject transgender ideology.


Ellis said she’d like to see both Trump and Biden asked Thursday about marriage equality, rising anti-LGBTQ hate and extremism, gender-affirming health care and the [controversial] Equality Act — federal legislation that would make sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes. 

Leftists love to claim that “hate” against LGBTQ individuals is rising because of backlash against extreme drag shows, sexual perversion, porn in schools, transgenderism, etc. One key point such activists don’t like to address is the dangerous trend of LGBTQ-identifying mass shooters and violent mobs. When LGBTQ mobs attack their political opponents, that’s supposed to be okay, but if you protest a thong-clad drag “nun” pawing your kid and reading him graphic sexual content, you’re vilified.

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The Hill also quoted LGBTQ+ Victory Fund CEO Annise Parker fearmongering, “I certainly hope that the moderators bring up the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ issues because there is a stark contrast between the two candidates.” No kidding. 


Creepy Joe Biden claimed all kids are “our children,” and he and his administration support grooming in schools and mutilating surgeries for youth. In fact, the Biden administration pressured medical experts to toss age restrictions for damaging “transgender” surgeries! In contrast, Trump supports parental rights and has promised to stop harmful transgender “treatments” for minors.

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