WHOA! White House Press Corps Forced to Watch Feed of CNN Debate From Building Across the Street Because They Believe There May Be a “Medical Emergency” Involving One of the Candidates Requiring On-Scene Coverage


According to Real Clear Investigations reporter Paul Sperry, the White House press corps is being forced to watch feed of the CNN presidential debate Thursday night from a building across the street because they believe there may be a “medical emergency” involving one of the presidential candidate (Joe Biden).

“White House press corps has petitioned CNN to open up the debate studio to reporters, who for now have to watch a feed from a building across the street, b/c they believe there may be a “medical emergency” involving one of the prez candidates requiring on-scene coverage,” Paul Sperry said.

Recall that Joe Biden had a medical emergency during a CNN town hall in September 2019. His eye filled with blood during the climate town hall.

Thursday night’s CNN debate in Atlanta will be hosted by Trump haters Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

The debate is rigged.

According to Leading Report reporter Patrick Webb: CNN will implement a 1-2 minute delay for tonight’s presidential debate instead of the standard 7-second delay, potentially allowing time to edit parts of the broadcast

CNN got triggered and responded to Patrick Webb but didn’t refute his claims.

The microphones will be muted except when it is the candidate’s ‘turn’ to speak.

Of course, they will likely only use this feature to mute Trump.

According to CNN: The ‘high tech’ microphones have green lights which will tell Biden and Trump whether their mic is on or not.

If the light is off but the candidate tries to talk, the sound of their voice won’t make it to the viewers watching on TV.


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