2024 CNN Presidential Debate: ‘The country’s over, and I need a drink’

Between Biden’s incoherent bumbling and Trump’s redirections — there’s no doubt that the 2024 CNN Presidential Debate was one for the history books.

Stu Burguiere
calls it “one of the most incredible nights” he’s “ever witnessed,” noting that it was an absolute “disgrace.”

“The world superpower supposedly has a man like that leading it. We looked weak. We looked pathetic, and honestly, it was a disgrace,” he continues, before asking Sara Gonzales for her take on the debate.

“Well, the country’s over, and I need a drink,” Gonzales says, floored by what she’d just seen. “I feel a lot of anger, I feel a lot of sadness, I do feel a lot of fear watching that,” she continues, adding that “we still have seven more months of this guy not really making decisions but appearing to make decisions.”

“The stakes have never been higher for Donald Trump to win this. I am very scared for my country if he does not,” she adds. “We simply cannot afford four more years of this. We just can’t. I don’t know if we have a country left to survive after that.”

While the left has maintained that Donald Trump is erratic and should not be handling foreign conflicts — it seems that Biden’s cognitive decline is far, far worse for foreign policy than the orange villain the Democrats created in their heads.

“I mean, that was the thought and then you look at the state of the world now with all the problems that we’re having, and you look at this guy potentially being the one the head of it, I mean, it’s just, I never have felt more terrified, honestly, for the future of our country,” Stu says.

While Stu and Sara are terrified, Steve Deace is hopeful.

“I think that it’s way more likely the 25th Amendment is going to get invoked than Joe Biden will be re-elected. There is no way he will be re-elected,” Deace tells Sara and Stu. “Their entire coalition is in existential peril. If you keep him on the ballot, you risk tainting your entire party with essentially going out for the next six months and telling people you didn’t see what you all just saw.”

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