After Months of Hyping Biden as ‘Cogent,’ Joe Scarborough Is Ready to Pull the Plug on Him

There is perhaps no one in the mainstream media who has fought against accusations of Biden’s cognitive decline more aggressively than MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough. 


“Is he slower? Does he move slower? Yeah, he moves slower. Is he stiffer? Yeah, he moves stiffer. Does he have trouble walking sometimes?” Scarborough asked back in March. “Yeah, so did FDR. We get out of the Depression, we won a G.D. war against, against Nazism and, and, and against the Japanese.”

I’m not sure how comparing Biden’s lack of speed to a man in a wheelchair is the best move, but that’s where he went. And he wasn’t done hyping Biden’s mental fitness.

But comparing that guy’s mental state — I’ve said it for years now: he’s cogent. But I undersold him when I said he was cogent. He’s far beyond cogent. In fact, I think he’s better than he’s ever been intellectually, analytically. Because he’s been around for 50 years and, you know, I don’t know if people know this or not, Biden used to be a hot head. Sometimes that Irishman would get in front of the reasoning. Sometimes he would say things he didn’t want to say. This is — and, and, I don’t — you know what? I don’t really care.

Start your tape right now, because I’m about to tell you the truth. And f-you if you can’t handle the truth. This version of Biden intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever. Not a close second. And I’ve known him for years. The Brzezinskis have known him for 50 years. If it weren’t the truth, I wouldn’t say it. (Emphasis added)


After the debate Thursday night, he’s singing a much different tune.

I’m not saying that everything happens today. And maybe we wait a week. I’m just saying personal feelings… personal feelings, personal admiration…love… respect… honor… all the things I talked about in my feelings about Joe Biden, Jill Biden, and their family that Mika and her family have felt about Joe Biden for 50 years, that I felt for as long as I’ve known him that you felt about Joe Biden—that cannot play a role in any of this. This is a battle for the future of American democracy. And now is a good time in June—Thank God, June and not October, June—This is a last chance for Democrats to decide whether this man we’ve known and loved for a very long time is up to the task of running for president of the United States. (Emphasis added)


Talk about having egg on your face. Joe Biden has lost Joe Scarborough.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, Biden has no intention of dropping out.

“There’s always a truth-telling session when these things happen. Joe Biden is not averse to hearing things that are bad,” Biden campaign co-chair Mitch Landrieu told CNN Friday morning. “He has to make the decision about whether he’s gonna be a candidate or not, he has done that and he’s gonna be the nominee.”

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